Part “Prestige Advisory Group”. Throughout the six months internship,

Part 1My name is CLAVIER TAN ZI XIN, in 2017 I graduated from ITE College Central with a certificate of Higher Nitec in banking services. I did my internship during my year two last semester with Great Eastern Agent company called “Prestige Advisory Group”. Throughout the six months internship, I have learned a lot of useful things such as mapping the clients’ policy for my manager, creating meeting slides every month for the monthly meeting of the agents where that will discuss their sale performance and other general stuff and things like doing the production table for the whole agency. In the beginning, I did not have any interest in banking industry because I feel that working in the office might be tiring and boring but after I experience this 6 months internship journey, I slowly realized that banking industry is not that boring or rather I enjoyed working in this kind of environment.

This is also the reason why I chose Banking and finance services in Ngee Ann Polytechnic and because I hope that I can apply what I have learned in ITE and internship on to my further studies in this sector. My personalities depend on how close I am to the person. I am rather shy and often being called an introvert when it is the first time I meet people but as time passed I will slowly talk to them and interact more with them as compared to the first time. It really takes time for me to get used to a person be it the person is a lecturer, classmate or colleague. My interest is cycling and watch drama during my free time. My friends and family member also called me a “Drama addict” because I can stay in front of the Television one whole day and the only time I leave is to go to the toilet. If I were to describe myself using a value it would be hardworking because during my internship days I always work overtime just to finish up the work given by manager.

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I must complete my work on time and make sure I do not drag the team down.After using the tool online, I get the result of an enterprising person which also means that I like work that has to do with starting up and carrying out business projects. This statement also conclude that I am choosing the right path as banking and finance require people that can take risk and have leadership skills in leading the team to a greater height. I am not someone with good decision making but I will think very hard in helping my company to lower the lost to the minimum when it comes to this kind of situation and I am willing to step out for the team because all it takes is for that one person to stand up for the company to lead them to the right path to walk out of the difficult times.Part 2After much researches done, I have concluded that I want to work as a bank teller because I would like to start from the bottom and acquire all the skills needed as the frontline banking industry staff before I can move to a higher position. I believe that after understanding the frontline staff job scope I can better manage the team when it is my turn to lead the team. The roles and responsibilities required as a bank teller are managing savings deposits, withdrawals, issuing negotiable items such as federal draft issuances, travelers cheque and money order, payment collecting, resolving customer issues and balancing the vault and cash drawers. The minimum requirement for bank teller is Diploma in relevant sector but with a degree I will stand a better chance as compared to a diploma.

The tool and skillset required are basic accounting, attention to details, knowledge of financial software and written and verbal communication. Attention to details is very important as a bank teller as to handle money properly. A single mistake might lead to the customer loss of trust to the bank. Recently I have tried tosearch for the bank teller job on Jobstreet, I clicked into the DBS bank teller job and it appears to show that the salary is up to 2k which is quite high for a fresh graduate.

On top of that the company will also send us for training if I got shortlisted from the interview. One thing I like about this company is that they are giving the staff a giving to go for further studies and this also means that we will have better career advancement when we have a higher qualification or skillset required for the relevant sector.The reason why I want to be a bank teller is because I am a very shy person and due to that I am not able to interact with people that I am not familiar with. This also mean that if I am not able to communicate with customer, I will have difficulty in helping the customer and that will be a barrier and that is the reason why I would like to take this precious chance seriously to train my communication skills with the frontline job. I believe once I can communicate with my customer I will able to promote with hard work and dedication. Communication is always a barrier for me when it comes to job interview and I am not going to escape from it I will face it and overcome my fear.

Due to the experience I have during my internship, I realized that I am better in working in the back line because as a backline staff we are the one that ensure all the paper work is to be done properly and do the final check before the deal is closed so if I can promote I will require to work as the back line which I am not comfortable with.Part3After I have identified the areas of interest and the job that I would like to pursue, I am sure that studying Diploma in banking and finance services in Ngee Ann polytechnic will help me in achieving my goals. This school provide every course to take career & professional preparation because they want ask to understand more about our course and career.Internship is one of the major part of the module which allow me to get a real-world exposure to the banking industry where I can apply my skills and the things that I learn to the internship. I am looking forward to getting into an insurance agency to work as an admin which I have experience in it.

In accounting and finance module, students will be taught how to interpret and use financial accounting information for decision-making where I learn to use the skills which I learned to work on the decision making when it comes to financial and accounting problems. The skills that we acquire in school is very important such as Decision Support Application which is called DSA where we learn about Excel is a form of IT skill and the knowledge we learnt from Financial Market and Services which is also called FMS is also very important because this is the fundamentals to banking and financial industry and the fundamentals would never change. FMS also taught us about stock, bonds and calculation of bond which is closely related to the how commercial bank works. After attending the business statistic, I learned basic concepts of statistics, focusing on basic statistical tools and models for decision-making in the business world. Students will learn how to organize, analyze and interpret data. Some IS module provided by the school of inter-disciplinary like 7INNOVA where we need to do a project about a product and find the problem then do problem solving on that product to improve on it by producing an opportunity statement. I believe many companies are finding graduates that can deal with problem solving. Therefore, I believe this is the reason why I will stand out during a job interview and I will stand a better chance to get shortlisted for the job.

To conclude, I think I chose the right course to study because this course allows me to better understand my future working industry and I willcontinue to work hard and learn all the knowledge that are require in this industry that I will be working next time.Part 4Besides domain skills and knowledge, I will also need to develop soft skills to be better equipped for working life after graduation. I did not involve in any of CCAs at this current moment. The reason why I did not involve in any CCAs is because I am afraid that I could not adapt to the fast learning pace of polytechnics. As I am an ITE graduate, I clearly understand that I need extra time and effort to deal with my assessment and projects.

On top of that I am slower learner, so I told myself I could not afford to spend time doing CCAs. I understand that CCAs is important because it will benefit us in a way by teaching us values that we could not understand and acquire in the classroom. I am looking in some of the CCAs provide by the school to join during year two and hopefully I can manage both academic and CCAs. I wish that I can join the Netball because I took up netball during year 1 semester 2 where netball is my sport and wellness module. I want to take advantage of my height to play this sport.

I enjoy playing netball because netball is different from other sports it teaches players to be discipline during training and teamwork is the key of the game, without teamwork the team will never score and never win the game. Communication is also a skill that I learned by playing netball, just like during the lesson when I have any doubt I should voice out to the lecturers then just sit there and keep quiet because the lecturer will never know I do not understand. Communication, Teamwork and discipline are important in banking industry.

Part 5After investigating and researching the opportunities available for continuing education and lifelong learning after I graduate from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, I found that there is a business course provide by NTU which is banking and finance, which have several modules to attempt. Modules like Global financial markets, Investment product, Portfolio management and analysis. On top of that, we are also required to choose to specialization which we will be learning things like Principle of taxation, Bank risk management and wealth management. The reason why I chose this course is because the module and specialization provided by the course really attract me and I am willing to work hard to achieve and get into this course. Just in case that I could not get into a local university by the result that I achieve, I will go and try the bachelor of business in banking and finance in Kaplan. The entry requirement by the school is a diploma certificate.

The tuition fee for this course is S$18,489.60 which is quite expensive, but I think this is the last option for me because I want to get a degree at least. The modules taught are like finance law, treasury management, commercial banking and international financial market and institute. This few modules allow me to allow how to manage and work in this industry in a higher position.

If the tuition fee is too much for my family to handle I will choose to work first and take up a part time degree while working. This might not seem to be easy, but I am willing to try because I do not want my family to feel burden on paying the expensive tuition fee for me to complete my degree. There are also quite a lot of attractive part time degrees for me to consider so I concluded that full time degrees are not the only option.