Part of the uterus The uterus is very strong

Part Name


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Ovaries produces the hormone oestrogen which makes
sure the   uterus is prepared for pregnancy when
reproducing because an egg is released so can be fertilised , overall has 2
functions which is to create oestrogen and eggs for fertilisation

are oval shaped and each side there are 2 of them which are connected to the
uterus which is connected by fallopian tubes.


uterus is important as  it carries and
holds the baby until its ready to come out so when giving birth the baby is
pushed out of the uterus

uterus is very strong with endometrium which is lining of uterus controlled
by oestrogen and progesterone hormones that balance each other however if
there is an unbalanced amount of oestrogen then this will increase risk of
cancer in the womb which can be treated with a hysterectomy or chemotherapy
because too much oestrogen can cause the endometrium cells to divide. Also
Inside uterus there is the uterine cavity 
and can expand when pregnant so can hold the baby and is connected to
fallopian tubes  and



help move the eggs into the fallopian tubes for fertilization

are connected to the ovary and contains cilia which are finger like which
helps with the movement of eggs


carries the egg cells from the ovary to the uterus for fertilisation

the ovaries and so egg cells can be transferred  uterus together as a narrow tube


cervix helps   blood from menstruation
to come out and when pregnant the cervix os keeps the baby inside uterus
until giving birth to the baby by closing up.

cervix connects the uterus to the vagina and has narrow external and internal
os which are the openings of the vagina and uterus and the endocervical canal
which contains hair like cilia and moist because the endocervix produces
mucus to help the sperms to move through the endocervical canal to the uterus
for fertilisation, around the cervix is the ectocervix and this is hard skin
like cells for protection  and



vagina connects to the uterus and this is how sperm enters for fertilisation
and during menstruation blood flows out of there from the uterus also when
giving birth the baby passes out of it.

is a muscular canal which has a flexible lining and contains the vulva and
labia which are the entrances also containing the hymen which can be torn as
it surrounds the vaginal opening which is made of a thin tissue.