Paper wanted to revert the name to Aluminum only.

Paper Airplanes I am interested in whether or not different materials will help the flight of a paper glider.  The idea of planes and Aerodynamics is interesting.   Aerodynamics is the study of solid objects moving or traveling through the air,such as an airplane. Aluminium comes from the name of alumen witch is the latin name for alum. In 1761 De Morveau wanted to change the name to Alumine instead of Alum,then in 1787 Lavoisier identified as this oxide of an undiscovered metal.  But later in 1807 Sir Humphry Davy said we should change the name to aluminum but later agreed to change it to aluminium.  They only adopted the aluminium so they could get the ium for all the elements.  Aluminum was also accepted as name throughout the years.  But then later the American Chemical Society officially wanted to revert the name to Aluminum only.   Christian Oersted was the first person in the world to perfect metallic aluminum. Hans Oersted perfected this by heating Metallic aluminium and taking away the mercury from it.  Friedrich whorlder wanted to improve the process so between 1827 and 1845 he tried to get rid of potassium and use amalgam and instead of using aluminium chloride he used sodium aluminum chloride,and he produced many amounts of aluminum in a  Plant near Paris.Many plants with this same meaning were built all over near Paris.Aluminum foil started to be created from tin,tin was the main resource.Aluminum foil started to be used all over the world for cooking and many other sources and uses around the world. Paper is used for many different reasons such as typing printing writing and wrapping with paper is made from vegetable oil.  In todays century paper is made from cutting down trees and then into very small pieces then mixed with different mixables and water then heated and burned to perfect the paper.  Then it is made into wood pulp then heated to paper.  Wasted paper that has not been used or written on can then be turned into recycled paper. For many years paper gliders were the dominant man made aircraft although they did not have a long rang of gliding.  The people that have study flight study paper models for a bigger example.  Da Vinci wrote of building a model plane and then testing some of his early inventions msoe of witch flew with flapping wings and a glider at the back,with parachutes.  Then after that Sir George cayley explored the paper model gliders in the 19th century.  Than many other people started to explore the paper glider such as Clement Ader mostly tested his ideas using the paper models before going to the real thing.  Most of the paper models were used between 1899 and 1907.  Many of the paper model designs were by the Wright brothers.  The wright brothers mostly used wind tunnels to fly their paper gliders.  They built many amounts of the paper gliders and flew them through the wind tunnels to make sure all of their data was right.  Soon they started to upgrade their models to bigger things like building kits and clay models of planes.  Although the planes we see today are a big part of society we would have not gotten there without the paper model gliders.  In the 1930s Jack Northop the Co founder of the Lockheed company used paper gliders to model for a bigger aircraft.  He only did this so his workers could see the progress of what a paper model and a real plane could do.  In Germany when the Great Depression was going on workers at the Heinkel and Junker corporations always used paper models to see the structure and stability to the plane.  The main materials used to build a plane is metal the metal is always for protection and is is the lightest material that we can use with the most protection.  There are many different types of planes in today’s society some are used for war purposes and some are used for travel and transport,here are some examples.  The boeing 787 is main plane used for travel and transport in the plane u always ride on when u book a plane ticket to go somewhere.  This plane uses jet thrusters to propel it forwards and upwards and needs 4 jet engines because if its weight,it has the weight of the metal the people and the luggage.  The boeing 787 had a major upgrade happened after 911.  The terrorist took the cockpit of the plane and hijacked it with gunes and took control of the plane.  After this incident the planes were upgraded to the point where when the plane takes off the pilots are locked in the cabin by a metal door and no one can get in or out of the room.  The submarine spitfire was the only fighter plane built and managed in WWII.  It  was used in many occasions this plane however uses a propeller because of how light it is.  With the propellers movement speed the planes were able to have amazing speeds for battles. One of the most spectacular inventions are the Air Force One planes the planes only built for the Presidents safety and travel.  If u did not know Air Force One is the plane that is flying the President at the time.The reason they made Air Force One is they wanted the President to feel safe in the air.  After the incident of another aircraft flying into the airspace of the Presidents aircraft they decided to make a special design for the President.After 9/11 happened they wanted to upgrade Air Force One .Right after 9/11 the President boarded Air Force One.  Right as the plane took off another plane cam into the flying range of Air Force One and did not have their radio on.  Paper making is something the Chinese invented.  105 A.D is the year where we think that paper making was first started.  In that time records show that someone named Han Emperor Ho-Di was told about the paper making process.  With recent discoveries we a starting to believe that paper was actually invented around 200 years earlier.   A man with the name Ts’ai Lun supposedly is the first person who invented and discovered paper.  We think he discovered paper by cutting down a tree and breaking the tree into fiber and turning into a clear white sheet witch we know as paper.  Later the Chinese wanted to try and improve the paper making process,and they did.  They started to use bamboo silk and for anyone that couldn’t afford silk or bamboo sometimes they used rags and what was left of old fish nets to make paper.  Then Tsai Lun wanted to use wood so everyone could afford paper so he decided to go to the emperor and ask him about the paper making process the emperor agreed and he was praised for his level of knowledge.  The paper was then known as the paper of Marquis Tsai.  A few years after the Chineses started to use the paper in writings and paintings and many other things.  Then around 700 ad the paper started to get more into class and the first Chinese  news paper was seen.  Then the paper making started to move to Korea this only started near the sixth century.  Pulp was prepared differently in Korea they used seaweed,rice straw and rattan.  We think the Koreans had a tradition where they liked to spread their knowledge throughout the world, so a man named Doncho brought the tradition to Japan.  In 751 A.D. the Chinese wanted to keep paper making a secret from the others but that did not last for long the Ottoman Empire defeated the T’ang army.  They captured paper makers and and brought them to a place called Samarkand.  Then they started to learn the papermaking ways from the Chinese prisoners,and then built the first paper making facility in Baghdad.But shortly after they learned they also started to keep it a secret from others known one knew until the Britains found out several centuries later.Shortly after the Egyptians started to find out how to make and produce paper from the Arabs. Aerodynamics is the study of moving objects. We found out about aerodynamics in 1837.  Although we truly found out about this in 1837, we believe that it goes all the way back to 350 B.C.  A man named Aristotle believed that air had many properties including weight.  He wanted to observe what a body moving through the air would test out to be and see the results.  Leonardo Da Vinci also had a big part on the history of aerodynamics.  In fact in 1490 he wanted to start studying the history of aerodynamics.   Leonardo Da Vinci was a studier of birds so he wanted to create a machine that worked like a bird this was called an ornithopter.Although he wanted to imitate the actions of a bird the muscle power had to come from the man that was controlling the Ornithopter.  In fact he did not stop there he also started to create the first design for the parachute. Sources