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Since society as a whole is made up of individuals, we would well be advised to _______ the core characteristics of what we would regard as a good person versus an evil one. In other words, a good person, according to society, may be a person defined as the one who consistently _shows??____a great deal of empathy, compassion, righteousness for human rights, and selflessness. On the contrary, an evil person may be described as the one who consistently displays psychopathic behavior, a lack of empathy toward others, a total disregard for the saintliness of human life, and is filled with narcissism and selfish behavior. One philosopher, Hsun Tzu, believed that humans were evil from the moment they were born. In his book <— change, Xunzi, he mentioned how people were originally born with evil, and only when the surrounding environment was right and when the people are trained properly were they able to lead to goodness. One example is his belief that babies were evil from the moment they were born - since they do not know the difference between right and wrong. If the baby pulled its?his?her? mother's hair, the action would not be considered as "evil" or "wrong" action. What humans define as "bad" or "evil" is what society considers as evil. Doing something that makes somebody else uncomfortable/sad is considered as a wrongful action, but whether or not that action is considered wrong is a whole different thing. Society we live in has taught us that the babies are inoccent ____since they do not know the difference between right and wrong, Therefore, even if the same action would have been considered as wrong to a grown person, society accepts it. 

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