Over company has consistently been voted the best company

the past decade, such headlines have dominated the news. Companies are firing
senior managers in a bid to cut cost.

question arises – what happens to the knowledge, experience and insight these
managers have when they leave the organization?

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planning takes care of such events and others. It is about planning for
succession, planning for growths & advancements. It should be an integral
part of a company’s growth plan. The number one reason why leadership planning
is important is business continuity. When a leader leaves, either voluntary or
non-voluntary, no void is left. Such a void can lead to a ripple effect that leaves
managers and employees at all levels in a state of confusion.

planning should not be left to times of transition and crisis. It should be
done as part of the growth plan.

good example of this P, who are considered to be one the of the best
companies in terms of leadership planning. The company has a rigorous process for
developing managers. No manager can be promoted until they have trained another
manager to take their place. This is one of the reasons the company has
consistently been voted the best company for leadership development.

same concept is applied to other top successful companies such as IBM and
General Electric.

planning entails more than just identifying potential successors and showing
them the ropes. It is a continuous training program which involves elements of
grooming and mentoring. There are measurable KPI’s that can be tracked, both
for the individual leader and the organization. And it is deeply tied to the
organizational culture.

may say that this is dangerous for one’s career if they can be easily replaced.
Leaders may be threatened by this especially if such a program has not been
done before. This is why it is very important to get buy in from the very beginning.
It must be shown that there career growth within the organization will be there
(through a growth plan) when their replacements are planned for.

how can you start leadership planning in your organization. Here are the steps.

1.       Leadership

Engaging the leaders into the idea of
planning is the very first thing to do. Their buy in could determine the
success or failure of the plan. The organization must demonstrate the need for
leadership planning, the direction the company is going and their place on this

2.       Leadership

A comprehensive assessment of the people
in the organization must be done. This involves all potential leaders, not just
the current leaders of the company. When a company knows its leadership
strengths and areas of growth, they can map out the desired leadership they would
like to have.

3.       Leadership

Based on the assessment done, a leadership
development program can be formulated to address the gaps and impart the
desired leadership skills. Such a program must be done continuously and not
just once every often. A continuous program ensures the company of a constant
pipeline of leaders.

4.       Individual
& group goals

The leadership strategy and the
development plan must be broken down into individual KPI’s that be integrated
into the day to day activities of the employees. By making it part and parcel of
their daily work will turn these new behaviors into an acceptable norm which
will then start a new culture.

5.       Implementation
& Monitoring

In the words of Peter Drucker, “you can’t
manage what you can’t measure”. The leadership planning program must be
monitored throughout its implementation with room left for feedback, review and

leadership journey is incomplete without passing on the experience, knowledge
and insight you have gained. Mankind has survived because those who came before
us were able to share what they knew so that we could do more than just
survive, they shared so that we can thrive. A company with leaders who share,
teach and mentor will thrive.

the words of Albert Mohler, “every great leader is a great teacher, and the
greatest leaders seize every opportunity to teach.” Y