Our so that they can obtain sufficient electricity. Many

Our children in their schools and our young men and women in their
colleges, universities or institutes must have all the information available
about solar energy extracting and work on how to develop the ways we use to
collect energy from the sun, so that we can have a permanent, reliable, clean
and very cheap source of energy even cheaper than any of the currently used
finally , I hope by doing this simple research , about the sun and the solar
energy , that I have achieved one of my goals which is simply introducing
another helping hand in saving our beloved mother earth.

To conclude we would say that our sun is not just another shining star
that we enjoy its light and benefit from its heat , it is rather a great gift
from Allah and I believe , without exaggeration, that it is the greatest factor
in our continuous life.
The idea of getting our future energy from the sun should be our major concern
and the most wanted dream of all scientists, leaders and above all the people
in this world today and in the future.

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energy requires some of the requirements that are not visible. Solar panels
that are placed on the building’s surfaces are used, absorb the sun’s rays
effectively, and convert them into electrical energy so that they can obtain
sufficient electricity. Many large and massive solar installations depend on
solar energy regardless of the state of the weather. They store solar energy
for use in generating electricity later when Atmosphere is not sunny. Technological and scientific advances have been greatly developed, with
some scientific research on solar energy being exploited to the extent that it
can make things economically safer. This method of generating energy can be a
simple cost to generate energy Solar energy and converting it into electric
power, making solar energy strong and needs a simple cost compared to fossil
fuels and Studies have shown that the solar energy of the most important
energies that can be used for working to save a lot economically, and this
clean energy reduces electricity prices are low compared to the energy.

Solar energy is inexpensive:

of this technique, the solar panels work to polarize solar energy through the
cells, which are mostly composed of silicon, to start by moving the system of
the package, which is an electric field where the electron starts and collects
in the form of electric energy produced DC electricity, later from
“Inverter” to AC electricity, the electricity that we rely on in our
daily lives.

It is known that the production and use
of energy from its various sources causes the occurrence of many types of
environmental pollution with adverse effects on the components of the
environment such as air, water and land, leading to the imbalance prevailing in
it. People can take advantage of solar energy as one of the
best alternative forms of electrical grids. Where any user of solar energy can
get the maximum enjoyment of the services provided by his devices without fear
of causing environmental pollution. The principle of
solar cells, Solar cells start by exposing them to
sunlight, absorbing these rays and converting them into electrical energy. This
energy we get from this process can be a substitute for generators. As
for the

energy does not cause any harmful effect on the environment:

energy a type of energy that is inexhaustible and not implemented. The
most important characteristic is that it is clean and environmentally friendly,
as it does not leave harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, does not adversely
affect the surrounding environment, nor does it play a role that affects the
temperature level. Solar energy is a sustainable energy
it is also more sustainable than fossil fuel energy. The way of converting
energy is from the sun energy into electric energy by solar panels. Which is a
clean, saver and also cheap way on producing energy. As in Oman the sky is
clear and the sun is most of the time there so this will be a good way for the
country to produce a new type of energy and with a cheap way.

Solar energy is sustainable: –

Solar energy does not cause any harmful
effect on the environment

energy is sustainable.

energy is a valuable source of light and heat emanating from the planet of the
sun. People from ancient times were able to exploit this source and use in the
generation of energy, and was able to find ways and techniques to help him to
do this task, such techniques. The use of heat energy from the sun in one of
the methods of direct heating, by mechanical conversion of motion energy or
electric energy, also renewable energy and is considered one of the most
important sources of alternative oil and gas. The production of electricity from solar energy does not
require centralization of the generation, but produces energy and uses the same
area or location. This will save much of the cost of transport and
communication. This method is mainly used to convert sunlight into electrical
energy, which combines electrical system and engineering specific to form a
so-called solar panel, which displays the sun at a certain angle to produce the
greatest amount of electricity. Solar energy can be converted
into electrical energy and thermal energy through the two photovoltaic
conversion mechanisms and the solar thermal conversion. Photoelectric
conversion is intended to convert solar or optical radiation directly into
electrical energy by means of photovoltaic cells. As is known, some
photovoltaic conversion materials are called suspicion Conductors, calcites,
germanium and others. This phenomenon was discovered by some physicists in the
late nineteenth century where they found that light can release electrons from
some metals as they knew that blue light has a greater ability than yellow
light to release electrons and, Einstein won the Nobel Prize in 1921 to explain
this phenomenon, so they should use solar energy because: