Our education is fully based on book knowledge. In

Our school system must be reformedOften students complain about school. They are tired, stressed and they don’t know if this school system is even helpful for their future. But what are the problems? Do we need a change? My answer is definitely yes,there is a need for Reform. I think that our school system needs to move in the direction of more autonomy for individual schools, management of teachers and curriculum.As of now education is fully based on book knowledge. In my opinion, the system shouldn’t make us study just  to get good grades. The Education system doesn’t give the opportunity to students to think individually and create innovative things on their own. I also would like more a more individualized curriculum. The mutual respect between a teacher and student must be intensified, the teacher should really  know the student! Only so can an individually straightened school be formed.Additionally I think that the school system in other countries is much better than ours. Only in Italy do the students have to stayin school so many hours. The result is not that we are more intelligent and have a better formation. Also we have too much to study in too many subjects, the result is that we study all things in a superficial way and within the next years we have forgotten everything. For this reason we need a reduction of some subjects or hours.On top of this I have the feeling that when I will be finished with school I will not be prepared for real life. It can be true that I have learned a lot of things but nothing that can be useful for my daily life. For example I wasn’t taught how to pay a tax bill, nobody taught what laws there are, but I know all the latin conjugations and I know german poems by heart. Let me explain it in other words,I don’t enjoy wasting time in a way that is not productive.Furthermore, instead of some useless subjects we should learn some civic education at school. Perhaps there will be more peace and not so much bullying at school.Afterwards it would be nice if we do more practical hands on  work, because it’s more useful than just books.As I mentioned we have too much to study in too many subjects and too many hours for every subject. This is because every teacher thinks that his subject is the most important and we must hear things like:” You must only study 20 minutes a day, so you haven’t problems with the test”, this is true. But the teachers haven’t understood that if we must do this for every subject we would need to study over three hours a day. Not every student can do it because of private life, free time and sports. Our school system is too strict, learning must be a joy and not a torture.Maybe a subject like art or history should be less taught, if I  for example know that I will study alimentation or sport? I understand that everyone needs a little general education. But so it is too much. We have twelve subjects at school. Some subjects are really superfluous. It would be more productive if there were some subjects that are mandatory and then you can choose others you like as electives like in America.To sum up, I would say that the students need more autonomy. They should choose the subjects that are important for themselves. The school must teach more civic education and things that we need in daily-life and reduce the hours of superfluous subjects.I would like to  concluded saying that a good Education system should  helps  develop our nation and should  be reformed into more practical knowledge and updated information.