Online life or can follow other individuals with similar

Social Networks are online platforms where users can post and share about their
social and professional life or can follow other individuals with similar backgrounds
and interests. To enjoy the different services that various online social
networking sites offer, a user creates an identity on each of them. The identity
he creates contains three categories namely profile, content and connection
network. There is an absence of a global identifier that can map a user’s
presence uniquely in the online domain. Due to this, the user’s online
identities remain unlinked, isolated and difficult to identify. An identity
resolution system can solve this problem by matching the user’s profile across
the different online social networks using some identity search methods. Some
identity search methods have been proposed by literature using simply profile
attributes of the user but the content and network attributes have yet to be
explored. To improve the traditional identity search algorithm, we propose an
algorithm that uses content attributes in addition to profile attributes of the
user. We apply the proposed identity search algorithms to find a user’s
identity on Facebook, given her identity on LinkedIn.  Including the two identity search algorithms,
each having their own characteristics defining an identity, improves the
filtering accuracy among candidate set of similar user profiles and helps to
identify the required user more precisely. The development of this identity
resolution system has several applications. In
the security domain, our solution can help search for malicious user’s
multiple online identities used to exploit online social media for activities
such as Phishing, Spam, Identity theft, etc. In enterprises, an identity
resolution system can help to de-duplicate
their social audience to calculate their return on investment. Whereas in human
resource management domain, HR managers can use the system to check the profile
of a candidate on different social platforms.