One or not. As suppliers are critical for ASML,

One of the major  challenge
for ASML is that a large part of its product related parts, especially complex
modules like lenses, mirrors, drive lasers are delivered by suppliers, most of
them  do not have a direct relationship
to mines or smelters. To  ensure that
ASML’s  does not use conflict materials
in its  supply chain, ASML investigates
several tier 2 , 3 and sometimes 4 to suppliers  in its supply chain to assess whether conflict
minerals are present in its products or not. As suppliers are critical for
ASML, in 2010 ASML became member of EICC1
, this demand also came from many of its customers which required ASML to
comply with EICC standards. In order to attain sustainable value chain, ASML
deploys EICC. The EICC is a coalition of the world’s leading electronics
companies working together to improve efficiency and social, ethical, and
environmental responsibility in the global supply chain (Responsible
Business Alliance, n.d.). ASML has  established a sustainable policy for its
supply chain. This policy is applicable to all worldwide tier-1 product related
and non-product related suppliers of ASML. Sustainability is an integral part
of QLTCS supplier audit for all business-critical suppliers. ASML’s risk management
is in line with EICC risk assessment model.(text adapted from ASML
,sustainable relationship with suppliers, n.d.).

For every level in risk assessment ASML uses a
sustainability rating methodology and scores its suppliers  on four elements (ethics, labor, health,
safety & environment). In case a supplier scores on 2 out 4 elements lower
than 3 (on a scale 1-5) and shows insufficient progress on non- conformity
resolution, this supplier is then put on high risk radar, next steps are
defined by sourcing management within ASML how to deal with such suppliers. To
comply with EICC requirements ASML’s target is to have 100% of its major
suppliers acknowledging the EICC code of conduct, at this moment 88% of
suppliers have acknowledged the EICC code of conduct (text adapted from ASML sustainable
relationship with suppliers, n.d.).

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