”One nation and for the better future. We in

”One book one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world”INTRO In 3 seconds an earthquake can pound homes and the families living inside them. In 5 hours a flood can suffocate a town and leave a great many children defenseless against hazardous illnesses like cholera and malaria. In 7 days drought can loom youngsters’ lives crosswise over entire nations as they come up short on food and water and begin squandering far from hunger and starvation.

Consider the possibility that this was your home, this was your town or this was your child?BODYFrom Malaya yousafzai a noble price winner point of you a pen has a great effect in changing the world. She has given me and thousands of others, the inspiration and motivation to help children around the world for a better future. I stand here before you pleading with u to ensure that every child has given the opportunity to education. There is so much tragedy happening in the world however provisions for education can help remove this tragedy in the world. Due to war in many countries children cannot go to school because there is no teacher how and the nearest school 50 kilometers far. Countries like Syria where children are attacked on their way to school or having their school bombed makes the situation difficult for them to get the required education. Like Malala Yousafzai case where she was shot in the head by gunmen while trying to make it to school in Pakistan. War is the wildest place where a child can be, seeing dead bodies lying everywhere members of the family missing, people crying everywhere finding their loved ones dead.

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This is a child worse nightmare. Giving education might not ease the pain but it can help them for their selves for their families, for the nation and for the better future. We in a world where is a big difference between boys and girls. In many other countries, male children are educated while theirs sibling sisters are not due to a cultural factor, security, and poverty. These effects cause a great damage and no progress in the country if we don’t provide education. Child marriage won’t stop, child labor would also not be stopped those kids will have no future not will their own children will if we don’t make a stop on this.

For me, education is knowledge having knowledge is having a power to dream of a better future and the confidence to peruse their dream, which will help the future generation for yet to come. Every child around the world has the right to safety and healthy life. No matter who they are where they come from, where they grew up or their beliefs. Education means the right to learning. Right to learning should be given to every child.

But unfortunately, around 50 million children around the world have no education. But I am afraid that not some government don’t provide this right. They think children don’t deserve it or it is against the social taboos or waste of money and time. We need to make change by working together to help these children to go to school be educated and live a better life. It’s our duty to think about the future generation.Today, education remains a not acceptable right for millions of children around the world.

There are millions of children who are not able to go to primary school which means we have 759 million adults who have not had primary education and have not essential to progress in their living conditions and their offspring’s.Young girls and young boys who figure out how to peruse, compose and check will give a superior future to their families and nations. With enhanced instruction, such a large number of different regions are emphatically influenced. To put it plainly, education has the ability to improve the world a place.