One make out of my life. To say the

One of the hardest things about growing up is to
figure out exactly do I want to make out of my life. To say the least, it is
overwhelming. Not only for the fact that it shapes my destiny, but also it is
that one thing which can truly answer this obvious question – who am I? In
terms of choosing career path, people are influenced to take decisions owing to
various circumstances. There are family pressure, dreams of parents, the expectations
of society, lack of opportunities and the list goes on and on. We are being
brought up not as a human being, but as a machine. Sometimes, we ourselves
often forget that we have the ability to make our own decision and also the
fact that we’re human beings. While choosing a suitable career path, the term
which we most commonly relate to is success. According to most people, success
is generally associated with money and popularity, but that is not the true
meaning of success. What we truly mean by success is to achieve something most
desired. For a proper recipe of success, various characteristics like price,
aptitude, aspiration, brilliance, adaptability, perseverance, fortune. But
amongst these, passion is most likely neglected. Whereas, in most cases, this
ingredient makes the biggest difference. Most importantly, if we’re passionate
about the work we do, then there’s a better chance that success will follow.
Passion is a powerful feeling, a feeling which helps us achieve so much unlike
anything we’ve ever imagined. All of us are in one way or another, passionate
for something. As we merge passion with our career, we can set ourselves for a
brighter future. The epigram “Do what you love” is the most significant key responsible
for one’s success their career. As Steve Jobs once said, “People with passion
can change the world for the better.” In fact, we should not run after success.
We should have high hopes, bigger dreams and it is our sore responsibility to
chase them. It is the door to our ‘Pursuit of Happiness’. Only then, success
will eventually follow us. I believe that when we are passionate about
something, we can rise to the occasions, thrive ourselves to work much harder
and have more energy, our creativity flourishes and we can encourage others who
work apace with us.