One I must admit I am very proud of

One of the main requirements for this scholarship is having
a minimum GPA of a 3.0. Which in my case my GPA is a 2.7. I would assumed right
away that I don’t qualify for this scholarship. But, my inner self doesn’t let
me just give up. I am not going to let this number define who I am. My GPA
sadly doesn’t fully show all my potential, and how I think or what my goals
are. I did not write this essay to give pity, but to motivate myself and
demonstrate that surrender is not in my plans. I have nothing to lose but
everything to gain. Excuses are tools for the weak. For me there is no excuse
on why my GPA is not where I wanted to be. Even though my first two years in
college have been very difficult for me I must admit I am very proud of all my
achievements, and the place where I am today. In high school I was always the
smart one in class, I graduated with a GPA of a 3.8 or higher, and silly me
thought college will be an easy road. But life had other plans for me.

Right after high school my dad quitted his second job after
being there more than 8 years, because he couldn’t take all the pressure and
discrimination there was going on. He even said “sorry” to me for not being
able to afford the University I had dream of going. When he said that he broke
my heart in pieces. I just looked at my dad and told him that he wasn’t alone
and that together we were going to move forward. So I immediately looked for a
job and started working as a waitress. I didn’t care all the hours I was
putting in my job. All I wanted was to save money and pay for my college. Some
days where longer than what they usually were. Some nights I would only sleep 3
to 4 hours. I would get home from my job at 2 am or 3am and I would go straight
to my room to work on my homework. I was a full time college student working 6
days a week, and going to school 2 days a week. My mind wanted to work and go
to school, but my body and mind were just tired. I was physically and mentally
tired. I can’t believe that sometimes I was so busy working and focusing in
school that I forgot to live. I would just remind myself how far I had gotten. All
the times I pushed on even when I felt I couldn’t. All the times I wanted to
give up but still got though another day. I never forgot how much strength I had
learned and develop. Even thought my GPA was the one affected, I promised
myself that I was going to finish my undergraduate studies with the GPA and
grades I deserve. I realized I am much stronger than I had previously believed.
I realized that courage is not something that my experiences gave me but
something that has always been within me. I have since found that my belief in
myself is rivaled only by my passion for realizing my potential.

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