One I must admit I am very proud of

One of the main requirements for this scholarship is havinga minimum GPA of a 3.0. Which in my case my GPA is a 2.7. I would assumed rightaway that I don’t qualify for this scholarship.

But, my inner self doesn’t letme just give up. I am not going to let this number define who I am. My GPAsadly doesn’t fully show all my potential, and how I think or what my goalsare. I did not write this essay to give pity, but to motivate myself anddemonstrate that surrender is not in my plans.

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I have nothing to lose buteverything to gain. Excuses are tools for the weak. For me there is no excuseon why my GPA is not where I wanted to be.

Even though my first two years incollege have been very difficult for me I must admit I am very proud of all myachievements, and the place where I am today. In high school I was always thesmart one in class, I graduated with a GPA of a 3.8 or higher, and silly methought college will be an easy road. But life had other plans for me. Right after high school my dad quitted his second job afterbeing there more than 8 years, because he couldn’t take all the pressure anddiscrimination there was going on. He even said “sorry” to me for not beingable to afford the University I had dream of going. When he said that he brokemy heart in pieces. I just looked at my dad and told him that he wasn’t aloneand that together we were going to move forward.

So I immediately looked for ajob and started working as a waitress. I didn’t care all the hours I wasputting in my job. All I wanted was to save money and pay for my college. Somedays where longer than what they usually were. Some nights I would only sleep 3to 4 hours.

I would get home from my job at 2 am or 3am and I would go straightto my room to work on my homework. I was a full time college student working 6days a week, and going to school 2 days a week. My mind wanted to work and goto school, but my body and mind were just tired. I was physically and mentallytired. I can’t believe that sometimes I was so busy working and focusing inschool that I forgot to live. I would just remind myself how far I had gotten. Allthe times I pushed on even when I felt I couldn’t. All the times I wanted togive up but still got though another day.

I never forgot how much strength I hadlearned and develop. Even thought my GPA was the one affected, I promisedmyself that I was going to finish my undergraduate studies with the GPA andgrades I deserve. I realized I am much stronger than I had previously believed.I realized that courage is not something that my experiences gave me butsomething that has always been within me. I have since found that my belief inmyself is rivaled only by my passion for realizing my potential.