One ever seen .what led to this cleansing was

One of the roles of the states is to protect therights of its citizens under all costs and promote the welfare , safety and comfortabilityof the citizens but at times states fail to provide this safety and even  the state and other duty bearers may be  the perpetrators of such illicit acts that endangerthe human rights of the citizens .CONTEXTThe holocaust first started in the Nazi Germany .Thisgenocide took place during  world war2   and the Germans leaded by AdolfHitler in extermination of the Jewish clan , the disabled, the Roma and thesoviet POWs. It took place from 1951-1945.Adolf Hitler was in power  as he headed the Nazi party and instead ofsafeguarding the rights of citizens he headed what is said to be the mostbrutal ethnic cleansing ever seen .what led to this cleansing was that Hitlerdespised and discriminated the Jews and he believed that they should be wipedfrom the face of the earth and regarded that as the final solution, anotherreason for this was that he wanted territorial expansion by invading the othercountries and collaborating with others.HUMANRIGHTS ISSUES OR THE HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATED Jews were denied citizenship and identification inGermany and also could not work and be employed anywhere.

Execution gas chambers were lit burning people aliveStarvation of people by locking them in a room formonths without food.There was torture of mass population people wereworked to death in the Auschwitz camp  which was the death camp .There was unlawful arrest of the Jews and their was no legislature to help them to determine whetherthey were guilty or innocent .The Jews could not own properties such as bicycles,cameras and many others.

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There was mass deportation whereby over 3500 were deportedto the Nikso rivers and nd 100000 Jews were deported to France and 50000 fromthe German Reich areas to the ghettos.There were forced labour people ere overworked againsttheir will.The disabled people were discriminated and deported asthey were seen as inferior .30000 people died due to strarvation,illness andmaltreatment.Children were killed over 1.5 million childrenincluding the disabled, polish children and soviet union children were killedand they were made as labourers and other children were made as medicalexperiments in laboratories. The children lacked clothing, shelter and food .

Jews were not allowed to pursue education or go to anyschool .Women were seen as incapable of work and were sent toAuschwitz concentration camp for killing, there was mass murder of roman womenand women in the soviet villages were slaughtered and used as medicalexperiments .There were over 500 brothels established for the soldiers andwomen were sexually abused.

HUMANRIGHTS TREATIES AT PLAY International convention on elimination on all forms ofracial discrimination whereby the Germans considered their race to be superiorand discriminated against the Jews and others.Convention against torture the Jews were beingtortured by being put in the gas chambers and burned to death.International convention and protection of rights ofmigrants and families. The Jews were deported and no one followed about theirwelfare after that they became migrants and rights of the families that weremigrants were violated.

Convention on the rights of disabled people asexplained earlier the disabled people were deported and killed as they wereseen as embarrassment and inferior.Convention on protection against genocide ,this wascharacterized by mass extermination of Jews and other races considering it agenocide.Convention on the rights of the child Jewish andpolish children were killed and used as forced labourers and lab rats formedical experiments Convention on elimination of discrimination againstwomen ,women were sexually asulted in the brothels and killed in the gaschambers and for medical experiments.A regional treaty was the treaty of Versailles whichrestricted Germanys powers and reduced aits army and did not allow germany topursue any war related activities after world war 1 and was a signatory to thistreaty.Another regional treaty was the reischkonkordat treatysigned by the pope and the German government to protect the rights of the romanCatholics and to regulate the powers of the Nazi government it was ratified in1933. RELEVANCEOF THE INTERNATIONAL TREATIES AT PLAYMost of the international treaties were created in the1990s and the holocaust happened way before that so it did nit apply to theholocaust and had no relevance as they were not signatories at the time .as forthe treaty of Versailles and reischkonkordat the Germans were signatories bitviolated tge treaties .HOWCITIZENS PROTECTED THEMSELVES AGAINST THE STATEThis was through military invasion of Russians in Germanyand Poland and the concentration camps had been discovered and the citizenswere freed the allied powers overpowered the Germans and ended the holocaust.Tens of thousands of the Jews fled to the western allies states to seek helpand were catered for by the United Nations Relief and RehabilitationAdministration because they were illed and had suffered a lot.Others were helped by the Jewish committee sherit–ha-pleta who had formed this organization after surviving .After a while the Jews established their own state inPalestine named Israel in 1948 which accommodated a larger number of thedisplaced jews.The us provided over 400000 visa for immigrants whichsome of the people were Jews and had used this for migration .