Once to the child’s mother. “I know right? You

    Once upon a time, in a small desert unknown to the world, cut off from all the world and never found, there lived all of the most exotic and beautiful animals in the world. Everyone was friends with each other and everyone was so called, normal, but one day a beautiful baby elephant was born. She was absolutely gorgeous, the only weird thing about her was that she was blue and by blue I mean like bright ocean blue. Her name went perfectly with her color and it was Sapphire. Amazing isn’t it? Everyone loved her and wanted to be her friend. To everyone, Sapphire was popular and she was loving it. She would be asked for autographs on her way to school.

Sapphire started all the trends and called all the shots. After a few years it started getting really annoying for Sapphire, but she would still be nice to everyone and sign autographs for her fans. “Do these people ever get bored of me, like COME ON, I’ve been on this planet for 10 years already and I’m blue, get over it!” Sapphire would say to herself. This nonsense would’ve went on forever if there hadn’t been a new addition to town.

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    Addison, a small tiny elephant who was absolutely stunning had just arrived into the world.”Pink! Oh my goodness, she is pink!” said her sleepy mom. Within a few minutes, press and cameras had arrived at the hospital and crowded at the baby carriage. Just like that, Sapphire was no longer famous and amazing.

She was forgotten to the world. Just another anonymous face in the crowd. Sapphire felt sad and angry towards the brand new child. She blamed her for her loss of popularity. “So this is what it feels like to be normal?” said Sapphire to her mom. “I guess so honey. You are just going to have to live with reality.

” replied her mom nicely, even though she was more than thankful to finally have a life that wasn’t public. “Maybe she’ll be as nice as you one day and pass on the legacy to the next weird colored elephant.” said Sapphire;s mom laughing. “Yeah, maybe.” replied Sapphire, staring at the ground.     “She’s so cute!” said Sapphire in high pitched voice to the child’s mother.

“I know right? You can play with her if you want, I’m just have to go sign some papers in the office.” said Addison’s fortunate mom. Sapphire sat at the edge of the bouncy hospital bed and looked into the baby carriage.

“Good luck with all those cameras and autographs, you’re going to need it, trust me, I used to be you.” Sapphire said in a sing-song voice to the laughing pink baby.