Once She was frightened at home so she walk

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named “Alley”. Her
parents died in a heavy storm. She was frightened at home so she walk alone to
search for food. When she looks around she was in a forest. There she meet an
anaconda. She was frightened. Anaconda said “don’t be afraid of me. I will not
hurt you” “Trust me.” Anacondas intention was not good. Anaconda’s intention
was that he call his friends and they would eat her. They all come there. All
the anacondas were in the front of her. She was frightened. She move back ward.
There was a hole behind her.

She fell into the hole. When she look around. There was a
tunnel. She walked and walked. She went near a river there an old man was
fishing. Alley said “If you don’t mind. I have a request.” “What” an old man
said. Can you give me a piece of fish so I can eat it. I am very hungry. “Where
are your parents” an old man said Alley told all the story that how her parents
died. The old man said “trust me” I will give you a peaceful life come with me.
She was afraid but walked with the old man. When old man heard that she was
from a rich house while walking the old man said to the girl “That he also have
to pay the bills. I am very poor. I have no money. He said “that if you will
not give me some money. I will lock you in a weird room. Where two girls were
died and they scared the people who ever goes in the room. Actually the old man
was lying. He called his two cousins. Who were sisters. Then the two sisters
come to frightened the girl. The old man locked Alley in in the weird room.
Alley was afraid and faint. The two girls realize that they would not
frightened Alley. They take Alley to the hospital. The doctor said “Alley is
alright.” Then the two girls called the police to capture the old man. The
police come and take the old man to the prison. The two girls take Alley to
their own house. The girl said “Trust me” and there were no bets. Alley was
very happy and she starts calling her parents. 

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