Once lead up to it but there was nothing

Once upon a time there was an ordinary boy named Alex who enjoyed hanging out and talking with his friends he lived normal until weird things started happening in his life, his mother Suzy was starting to act very strange. Out of nowhere she started acting very paranoid. She started saying very out of the ordinary things such as “I think someone is following me”and  Alex knew that there were no such things happening at all.  Alex knew that his mother was starting to hallucinate.  At that point he knew something was wrong with his mother so he went online and did his fair share of research and looked up the symptoms his mother was suffering, and he was so doubtful but it all just added up. He realized his mother  was suffering “paranoid schizophrenia”. Alex didn’t know how this could just happen out of nowhere it had to have started with something it couldn’t just come out of mid air. Alex started to look around see what could lead up to it but there was nothing he could not find any random way she could just develop the problem. He realized his mother started suffering these problems after she was put on a new medication for her thyroid problems and one of the side effects was paranoia and other symptoms that lead up to her behaviour. Alex knew the right thing to do was to contact the doctor who had prescribed his mother the medicine and the doctor stopped the dosage of medicine. The doctor was worried that all the damage had been done and all these effects could be permanent so she scheduled an appointment with Suzy and Alex to ask him about how her behaviour had changed. A week had passed and the appointment had came the doctor had done her tests on Suzy and it turns out all of these changes were not because of a medicine and nothing in her body was running properly her heart was beating 5 times a minute and there was no breathing actually going on in her body. This was very unusual and basically impossible to happen. The doctor told Alex to leave the room so she could check the rest of Suzy’s body for anything else different. As the doctor was searching she came across a switch on the back of Suzy’s head and new that ‘Suzy’ was not a real person. She switched off the power switch for what had seemed to be a robot and called Alex back in. Alex and the doctor both in shock were so confused because he knew his mother was real and was wondering what happened to the real mother and what someone could have done. Alex confused ran home and was  looking through his mother’s stuff to see if anything had changed or to see if he could find any clues or hints about why his mother was replaced with a robot. As he was going through her stuff he found his mother’s dead body inside the closet of her bedroom. Scared he screamed and called the police. But while he was on the phone with the police just telling them what had happened he saw a notebook right next to his mother’s lifeless body. He quickly hung up the phone and opened the notebook. As he was skimming through he realized what had happened. His mother had created a robot just like her to do other activities when she was busy like go to his baseball games as the illusion that she was there. The robot had a problem with the programming and decided to kill her. She knew it was coming so she wrote everything down before it all happened. He heard knocking at the door thinking it was the police he rushed to open it, right as he opened the door bam  a robot that looked just like him. He hadn’t finished reading his mother also made a robot him. The robot said to him ‘me and my mom are going to take over and you, you no longer matter’ as he killed Alex leaving him dead. The cops ended up too late to do anything just to find the dead bodies of Alex and his mother Suzy, just to realize that they were next.