Once a dictator who made all the rules whether

Once upon a time there were two rabbit packs that lived in the wild. Those rabbit packs were not the same though. One rabbit pack had a democratic idea of a government and the leader was always elected through voting and his name was Jeffrey.

But the other rabbit pack didn’t fare so well. Their leader was a dictator who made all the rules whether it benefitted the rabbits or not and his name was Max.Between the two packs territories lived a lake that was bright blue and it had lots of trees and potential fertile farming land around it. There were was even an abandoned canoe at the lake that any animal could use for shelter.”Come on people, work or you guys are being sent to the dungeons!”, said Max the rabbit leader. “But…

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oh great sir, were tired and hungry and we having been working at the farms for ages straight.”, cried one rabbit. “One more crack like that and your out of here on your little keister!”, boomed Max. “No please, I have eight kids!”, said the rabbit.

Meanwhile at the other pack of rabbits things were better. One rabbit was walking down the street and he stopped at a rabbit. “Hi there, how’s your day going?”, said the rabbit. “It’s great, thanks for asking!”, replied the other rabbit”. The then day went by uneventful just like every day.

One day a rabbit named Sam was walking in the wild when he discovered the lake that sat between the two rabbit packs territories. “Oh my gosh, it’s beautiful”, Sam cried in surprise. The lake looked full of life. “I have to go tell Jeffrey”, cried Sam. Sam rushed as fast as he can to go to the rabbit leader to go tell about his newly discovered surprise. “Jeffrey, I have great news, I discovered a lake so beautiful that I don’t know what’s more beautiful than that!”, cried Sam. “A lake? We have been searching for a lake for so long, thanks Sam, we will send guards to go claim this land”, said Jeffrey.

However, the lake didn’t go unnoticed for long. The other rabbit pack found the lake too with a government official finding out about the lake and one day both leaders went to the lake to claim it. But when the two leaders met face to face, chaos ensured. “What are you doing, this is my lake, I found it first!”, cried Max. “I don’t know what you are babbling about but I found it first!”, yelled Jeffrey. “Give me the land, or it’s war Jeffrey”, cried Max. “No I would never give the territory away, I declare war on you!”, boomed Jeffrey.Day and day the rabbit packs fought against each other at the lake.

One rabbit from the democratic rabbit pack dubbed the war “The Battle Of The Lakes.”. However, no progress was really made. Both militaries from both sides were losing troops quickly and it seemed like no one was going to win.Months passed and no progress was ever made. All of the rabbits that fought in this were killed or injured. Eventually an armistice was declared, which stopped the fighting of the war. As part of the agreement, the lake was divided into two territories, one for the Max regime and one for the other pack.

One summer evening, Jeffrey was in his executive building with a bunch of government officials. He was drafting up a treaty with the Max regime that would open the lake to any rabbit in the wild. The next morning, Jeffrey sent the proposal to Max right outside their territory. Max looked at the proposal with his bright blue eyes. He eventually said, “well, if it means that I don’t lose my military fighting, I guess it’s worth it, I’ll sign it!”, said Max.

Jeffrey cheered in glee as he envisioned a society full of peace and harmony. Years passed, there was no fighting ever between the two packs. One day, Max saw what was happening at the other rabbit pack with everyone feeling happy and free while his rabbits were starving while doing hard labor and he felt something. He felt really bad about all the rabbits he tortured. He one day made an announcement. All the rabbits were set free which meant that they no longer had to do hard labor and the government would be changed to a democracy.

Jeffrey welcomed the change and they asked Max if they would like to be allies to defend against predators in the wild. “Yes definitely!”, he said. A ceremony was later held to celebrate this. “Hey Owen is that a bear I see over there?”, asked one rabbit. “Wait what? Wait where I don’t see a bear.

Wait what’s that I see? Is that a? He’s..coming towards us.

Wait..A BEAR, NO NO NOT A BEAR”, screamed Owen.