On their task: to destroy the Soviet Union without

On February 22, 1946, the Minister Counselor of the Embassy of the United States in Moscow, George F. Kennan, referred the Department of State in Washington D.C. telegram 861.00 / 2, which history would know as the “long telegram” and which would become one of the most important documents of the 20th century.Kennan’s idea was to present a navigation chart to address the challenges presented by the Soviet Union and above all to avoid a military confrontation between Stalin and the West. This telegram, together with the Clifford-Elsey report and Article X (an article also by Kennan later published in the Foreign Affairs magazine) are the genesis of the Marshall Plan and NATO and indirectly the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community , in turn the precursor of the European Community. Kennan’s thesis, in essence, was that the Soviet system was morally and economically bankrupt but that its totalitarian, militaristic, expansionist and paranoid character made it supremely dangerous. That is why it was necessary to contain it but not to confront it. This containment implied the development of a morally and economically superior opposed system that would unfold its presence offering a better alternative. In Kennan’s words, communism was a malignant parasite that feeds on putrefying tissue. Kennan and the other Cold War warriors achieved their task: to destroy the Soviet Union without resorting to war.I hope notHowever, the Department of State will agree with me if I answer theseissues with five sections that could be briefly the following:1. Basic features of postwar Soviet perceptions.2. Antecedents of these perceptions.3. Its projection in politics at the official level.4. Your official extra screening.5. Practical consequences for US policy. “…It is clear that Ambassador Kennan, from his post in Moscow, had astrategic observatory that was well used to analyze the newUS-USSR situation in the uncertain times of the post-Second World WarWorld. From the academic point of view, the scheme is interesting and formativeof answer – analysis to so important question of your Government. With those five points,that he had to develop by means of encrypted telegrams, clearly exposed the newSoviet attitude, based on antecedents and anthropological characteristics of the form ofsee the thing and its influence on the levels of political and civil action, to finally givethe key to summarize the practical consequences for the politics of your country.