Observations reported finding this question difficult to answer, because

Observations and impressions The tests with the client wereconducted at 6:00 p.

m. in the evening, after Ms R. spent the day with learningfor an exam. Nevertheless, she appeared calm and concentrated and reported tobe interested in the tests and their outcomes. In general Ms R.

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answered thequestions in a focused and deliberate manner, since she took some time toanswer each question and corresponded to the questions thoughtfully.                                                                  At first, the MHC-SF wasadministered, which took approximately five minutes. Thereby, the client neededsome time to think about item six “During the past month, how often did youfeel that our society is a good place or is becoming a better place, for allpeople”. Ms R.

reported finding this question difficult to answer, because “usuallyyou are not thinking about such things consciously”.                                                                                  Subsequently, theHEXACO-PI-R was conducted, which took approximately twenty minutes. The clientwas insecure about item twelve “If I knew that I could never get caught, Iwould be willing to steal a million dollars”. She appeared worried if heranswer was correct, because she wondered “if not every person would steal themoney when given the chance to get away with it without a punishment”. Inaddition, Ms R. thought especially about item 57 “I tend to be lenient injudging other people” and item 97 “I have sympathy for people who are lessfortunate than I am”  for a long time.

                                                            Finally,the PPS was administered, which took approximately five minutes. Thereby, theclient indicated to find it difficult to reflect on her emotions and thoughtsduring the past month, since “this is a quite long period to think about.”Moreover, Ms R. needed more time to think about item ten “In the last month,how often have you felt difficulties were piling up so high that you could notovercome them?”.