Nursing had in shaping my decision academically is tremendous,

Nursing is seen as a verydemanding as well as challenging career. However, the reward outweighs thechallenges.

  I am keen to pursue a careerwhere I will be able to assist and care for others, becoming a nurse willfulfill this dream.   When trying to figure out acareer choice, some career advisers will ask what interests you as a person,especially during childhood.  Unintentionally, children involve themselves inactivities that bring contentment, and joy to them. In adulthood, thosequalities are equal to career satisfaction, and piquancy; two essentials tosuccessful career. As a teenager, I loved ”playing a lawyer and doctor”taking care of my great grand mother. During this period, the idea of being a nurse never came to my mind;rather, giving care was more of way of life.

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 The amount of influencetaking care of my great grand mother had in shaping my decision academically istremendous, although this was unknown to me for some time. This was well definedand clear to me when my best friend’s mother had stroke in country. Ivolunteered to take care of him non- medically. As she passes through theprocess, I remember the tone and comforting words I used while comforting mygreat grand mother during similar situation. Amid the fear in her children, I wasoverwhelmed, and confident with the sense of wholeness I never felt before. At thispoint, I became aware that my care giving duty to my great grand mother hasgiving me the ability to care for others.