Nowadays, process of the young generation today is important

Nowadays, technologies are highly developed and engaged in almostall human activities. The mobile applications have become a commonpart of our daily lives, they used for many kinds of purposes.

The learning process of the young generation today is important to go with technologies thatbecame the common knowledge of their daily life (Kostrzewski, 2012). This kind ofprocess hopes to create a significant motivational aspect to the students and leadsthem to the successful learning process both in the formal and informal area of learning. For these reasons E-learningincreasingly used in course, school or even in a college degree. The online learning is an excellent opportunity tolearn because it creates a suitable, enjoyable and entertaining learningenvironment, which creates a positive mood to the learner (Mason & Rennie, 2006).TOEFL is one of the standardized testswhich have applied by institutions and universities all around the world totest the English language proficiency of their students. It also becomes one ofthe graduations or even registrationstandard requirements in some universities for the students. However, manystudents encountered the difficulty in answering the TOEFL in section two whichgrant them with the Structure and Written Expression. This paper is mainly focused on research examineshow the use of mobile educational Duolingo application in teaching TOEFLpreparation of structure and written expression.

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It also discusses theinfluences the learner’s understanding and motivation through the process of learning in the classroom and home environment. Duolingo application, which enables free online language learning.Duolingo explored, considered and tested in terms ofappropriateness and quality of an educational application tool in theclassroom. The goal of this paper first is to know the effectiveness Duolingoin teaching TOEFL preparation of structure and written expression on twelfthgrade. Second is to know the learner’s responseto the application. The third is to examine the student’smotivational impact from the use of Duolingo. The research findings hope to assist foreign languages teachersand students who take part in foreign languages courses which combining the use mobile learning educationalapplication in their process of learning.

There areresearchers that explain the effectiveness of mobile technologies which canhelp and improve student in language learning skills, especially in learning structure text. Mobile technologies knowgives the students to have high usability on learning, be easy and simple to workwith and some observe that mobile technology improve the satisfaction anddesire to learn useful (Viberg & Gronlund, 2013). They also foundthat the disadvantages of the mobile devicefor learning are the small keypad and the screen of mobile devices. It also very dependence on the use of the internet. The other previous research conducted by Norshahila Ibrahim, WanFatimah Wan Ahmad, and A’fza Shafie (2016) about the EffectivenessStudy on Multimedia Mobile Application for Children: Mfolktales Application, Universityof Sultan Idris, Tanjung Malim, Perak, Malaysia. Their research paper discussesthe effectiveness testing for MFolktales Application to measure effectivenesslevel in students’ comprehension performance after using the MFolktales mobileapplication.

It has a significant improvementin the Experimental group so MFolktalesapplication can be considered aseffective. There is a lot of Mobile Educationapplication available on the internet. This study focuses on examines the effectiveness of one of Mobile AssistedLanguage Learning: Duolingo Application in teaching TOEFLpreparation of structure and written expression. It discussed how the language learning process through themobile Duolingo application perceived by the students, and which attributesthat motivate them to use it more in their process of language learning. Inorder to understand the effectiveness of the application, three researchquestions were presented.