Nowadays, fashion is very much accessible to everyone or

Nowadays, fast fashion is making a stamp socially as it drowns consumers in trends, at a reasonable price, also giving more options to low income groups to at least follow or cling at one trend out of many.

Either can say, one can dress well for less or fake trends at low price range. People can be seen in few of the stores who sells fast fashion, because it’s easy to find new styles in these stores because Fast fashion is very much easy to buy and satisfying. Fast fashion is very much accessible to everyone or can say for each new item I buy, I get rid of another item I have. Mere looking at a crew neck basic tee, it’s hard to tell if it from a specific brand or a fast fashion product.Here when we talk about colleges, they have always been on top of fast fashion theory. Clothing helps students create a new image for themselves among new peers.

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Who shop fast fashion according to them they shop in fast fashion stores because it’s cheap, and also they always get an option for more quantities. Fast fashion no doubt sometimes considered as a major drawback as it promotes more buying because of low cost, which leads to excessive waste. if one goes for more n more buying, it adversely will affect the environment Cheap clothes somehow that may not last long because of its quality on the display or in wardrobes itself.Ethically, it is surprisingly in doubt if it actually doesn’t really bother us, why we are taking the haute-couture ideas from designers and bringing them down to the masses and giving people an access to be get them for less. It’s somehow losing its identity of being in high streets trend.

 High street brands also get lot of pressure from the bigger super market chains for introducing new seasonal trends  basically new low cost clothing, so that they can maintain a balance in high n low trend segments. Why we are talking about fast fashion stores and high street brands because both of these are using the same concept and have a lot of similarities in their supply, which made it interesting to study these two fashion chains operating in their own way in different countries of the world.