Nowadays, child can confront regularly pick youngster marriage for

Nowadays, young marriage has become one of the biggest
concern all over the world, especially in Vietnam. The percentage of teenagers married before the age of 18 is equal to 11%. Moreover,
UNICEF claims that this trend is going to rise from 5.4% to 10.3% from 2006 to
2014 respectively (February 2016). In other words, marriage changes differently over areas and
ethnic gatherings, with a few gatherings encountering rates as high as 70%.  However, in comparison with other fast-growing
countries, Vietnam had fairly low interest of child marriage, which has grown
recently. The government needs to search the root factors related to early
marriage such as insecurity, gender inequality, and education which cause the recession in the Vietnamese economy.

Majority of
parents have the opinion that by early marriage they insecure their kids, as nowadays,
world face lots of cases of sexual harassment or rape. Scholar Doug Brinley
(January 25, 2006) writes that “successful marriage requires maturity and patience,
which we often do not have early on in the marriage” however despites that
elders prefer to insure their little immature girl by wedding at an early age. Besides that,
child marriage might also rise in the case of human crises including catastrophic
event or dispute. Typhoons, earthquakes and other natural disasters prompted
millions of citizens in rural areas of Vietnam out of work by destroying their
hearth. To be more clear, when
families confront challenges, marriage might come as a solution to overcome the
stress. Additionally, in contemporary world there are lots of cases of
discrimination such as having boy is fortune whereas girl is not. Females do not
get appropriate conveniences and adequate education for prosperous life,
instead they are forced to early marriage. Moreover, young ladies are seen as a
money related weight, which may increment when marriage is deferred since a
bigger share should be paid. Nine out of the ten nations with the most
astounding tyke marriage rates are viewed as fragile states (Bureau, 2013)

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Early marriage can
be an infringement of youngsters’ basic rights to an adolescence, wellbeing,
settling on choices about their own lives and especially to an education. Low
level of education can be considered as another valuable explanation for kid
marriage. individuals who are uneducated and do not
have any thought regarding the post-marriage difficulty a little child can
confront regularly pick youngster marriage for unknown reasons absence of
education additionally triggers these convictions. The GMR represented in 2013 that there
would be 14% less kid relational unions if all young ladies had primary
education. There would be 64% less births in the event that they had secondary
education (By Marcos Delprato, GMR researcher, 2015).

The third cause of
this issue might be gender inequality. Giving a little girl in marriage enables
guardians to diminish family costs by guaranteeing they have one less
individual to nourish, dress and instruct. Families may likewise observe
putting resources into their child’s instruction as more advantageous
speculation. Now and again marriage of a little girl is an approach to
reimburse obligations, oversee question, or settle social, monetary and
political collusions (Save the Children UK, Rights of passage, 2003). The point
of view that ladies have the privilege to pick when and with whom to wed is
conflicting with community standards, which consider them to be the property of
fathers and spouses. Kid marriage is additionally observed to fortify family
ties, faction and ancestral associations or political organizations together,
and here and there goes about as a component to settle family unit commitments.
In addition, social weight works in communities with high prevalence of early
marriage where inability to accommodate can bring about dissatisfaction or
disgrace for the family (Astrid Bant 2013).

     Solid associations do everything that is
necessary to solve the issue of child marriage. The United Nations call upon to
settle the task in cooperation, as it is of everyone biggest concern. The steps
that society might take is to concentrate on changing social standards to
secure gender equality, contributing to supporting young ladies to proceed with
their education, giving them chances to ponder higher, giving professional
preparing and stable economic prospects.