Now, when you are playing. It also weakened the

Now,we are currently active in modern generation where the majority of us areattached into distinctive devices, technology, gadgets, and other newlydiscovered machines that give us something that is astonishing and enjoyable.It also consents us to play online games with the use of those creations. Oneof these online computer competitions converts the new tendency, and this iswhat we called DOTA. But sometimes, we don’t think of the changes that resultswhen something happens or the outcome of these activities in our health andenvironment especially to the educational status of the students.            There are numerous people addictedto defense of the ancient or DOTA even if it is young and professionals.  This online computer game triggers the playerto lose his/her temper and values. It simply because of different words andsigns that the players used to express their thoughts and feelings to eachother amidst the tournament. Occasionally, gamble is instant in this matchup.

Again, money for them is not just important anymore. Due to playing, eating isirrelevant, the happiness they get from playing is the same as the satisfactionthey earn from eating. As an aftereffect, the body’s immune systems are gettingweaker and now expose to the distant viruses and diseases.

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            All inall, DOTA really affects the lifestyle and the level of education and skillobtained within a discipline or profession of the youth who are active intothis game, although it has one good benefit, yet it corrupts the mind and theway the youth think.            In addition, not only your body becomes weaker when youare playing. It also weakened the money and moral values were not givenimportance because of this game.            Dueto this trouble the researcher conducted this study in order to beknowledgeable enough in using some gadgets and technologies that will notaffect the educational status of the students.