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Patient Care
Reflection #1 

Diverters’ “Red Flag Behaviors”


1.     What comment regarding the video would you
leave on the website?

Diverters”, well! A great message! It’s absolutely of great importance in the Pharmacist
education to identify the threats and any unknown reflections to opioid misuse.
Also, acknowledges pharmacists about their responsibilities, to keep drug free
society, helping make a secure and healthy environment for the growth of
present and upcoming generations. Moreover, NABP has also impacted and influenced
pharmacists to learn many of the red flag signs to segregate them.

2.     Have been in (or observed) a “critical
moment” situation?

Yes, there was
a “critical moment” in regards to opioid prescription forgery inspected by the
Pharmacist. One of our regular patient who use to come every month for the
narcotic medication along with non-narcotic med refills, every time the pharmacist
use to check PMP and wrote a specific number on the prescription for future
verification and documentation purposes. But, that time written prescription
was good but there was a problem in dosing and sign. So, the Pharmacist
confirmed the fill history with the prescriber and found that patient had
stolen the prescription pad from the Doctor’s office. This was the critical
situation and pharmacist called the DEA and filed a complaint.

3.     After this video, do you realize possible
critical moments you may have missed?

Yes, I realized
one of the critical moments that I had missed. While taking a new prescription
from a patient I inquired about patients’ other medication history as it was a
new entry in our pharmacy. After I checked the PMP, I found that patient use to
switch the pharmacies every month to fill-in opioid medication and that moment
I thought to verify more information about the patient’s medication history
from prescriber and reason behind use of opioid. So, I should have asked all
the relevant detail while taking prescription from the patient at the first

4.     Do you agree with the “corresponding
responsibility” doctrine discussed in the video? Why or why not?

Yes, I agree
with the “corresponding responsibility” doctrine discussed in the video. It
helps the pharmacists to identify any possible interactions as well as any sign
of misuse and to rectify any known irregularities pertaining to medication for
the patient’s safety. Moreover, it not only discusses about the red flag signs
but also explains the pharmacists’ responsibility in health care team in
patient care process.


5.     How useful was this video to you? Why?

This video was
of utmost importance for me in enlightening the pharmacists’ responsibility in
patient care along with preventing misuse of drugs. It explained all the
responsibility of the pharmacists’ in addition to the usual care process. As
this short video explained the complete scenario of misuse of drugs and about
tackling serious threats and helping mankind in drug free life. Many incident
showed in this video taught pharmacists’ to be aware about many on-going frauds
done by patient in getting opioids prescriptions. It was great to have this
video in making understand about various drug diverters techniques and its’
identification signs.

6.     What other question(s) may be pertinent to
your reflection?

There are a couple of questions
pertaining to my reflection and they are:

PMP (prescription monitoring program) take couple of days to update in the

a centralized system to avoid any false fill up of prescription?

Implementing eRx system by physicians a worthy option over paper based

it a good option to restrict the patient to a particular pharmacy to avoid
switching pharmacies at every fill?