News the followers of social media about the fake

 News Details: Dhaka University’s teacher ProfessorAsif Nazrul was sued under section 57 of the ICT Act because of a Facebookpost.

Mr. Asif claimed that the post was published from a fake account whichwas on his name.SyedAsaduzzaman Minar who is the nephew of Shipping Minister Shajahan Khan, filed acomplaint at Madaripur Sadar Police Station.

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He stated that thousands ofindecent and disrespectful comments were published from Facebook post overalleged irregularities in recruitment at Chittagong Port. By this account theminister was also mocked. Quamrul Hasasis the OC of Madaripur Sadar Police Station said that they recorded thecomplaint as a case under section 57 of the ICT Act on Sunday night aftergetting approval from the Police Headquarters in Dhaka. Mr. Asif Nazrulwho is a law teacher at University of Dhaka says he was really shocked hearingthat the Police Head Quarter actually have permission to record the case.  He called somenewspapers to show evidences that this act was not done by him. In differenttimes he warned the followers of social media about the fake account. Asif Nazrulsaid that he will be able to proof his innocence at the court, but before evenproving anything police can arrest him anytime to put him in locked for anyundefined period.

The teacher ofDhaka University also complained that this law (section 57) is being used to harasshim and his family.  Dr. Nazrul saidthat police should find who is actually behind the page. Also he has urged tothe law minister to repeal the act to save innocent people from the anger of influentialpeople.  Saheli Ferdous,assistant inspector general of the media cell at the Police Head Quarter, saidshe was unaware of the approval and filing of the case. If the case was filedwith approval, it must have some merit, the AIG (media) said to the media.

Shealso said, a police investigation will prove if the Facebook post was uploadedfrom a fake account.This event isimportant because what a faulty law can do, this is the perfect example. If acritic of the government gets harassed in such a way, that’s a bad thing. Inorder to give people the freedom of speech, we need more flexible laws.