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NEW ZEALAND is a brand that draws on the iconic heritage of Rugby and the HAKA New Zealand; two linked elements central to New Zealand’s culture. The brand is a fusion of sporting fraternity and subtle Maori symbolism. New Zealand is world famous for our prowess on the rugby field, and the HAKA New Zealand is a significant part of the legend. Wherever a Kiwi walks in the world, tales of the HAKA New Zealand are sure to be heard. (OUR BRAND.

YOUR IDENTITY.) While the products have all the branding and designing of HAKA New Zealand, it is done with utmost reverence to the cumulative feeling and concept of HAKA New Zealand. The company has the blessings and encouragement of the Maori elders and seeks to aid and improve the lives of the natives. The product range includes HAKA New Zealand Men’s clothing, HAKA New Zealand Women’s clothing, HAKA New Zealand watch collections, HAKA New Zealand Men’s jewellery, HAKA New Zealand protective gear, HAKA New Zealand sunglasses, and HAKA New Zealand Manchester. The products have Maori symbols and designs and give the user a feeling of belonging to a rich cultural value which is thousands of years old.

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 The clothing is designed to suit specific weather as the New Zealand weather has both sunshine and rain and is it can never be too cold or sunny in New Zealand.  The company was launched to meet the needs of rugby inspired men’s wear and has gradually increased it product line. The company has been in business since 2006. The brand was initially focused on Maori inspired themes for sportswear but has thus grown both in size and variety. The company is presently located in Albany in Auckland. HAKA New Zealand also has an online presence and gives customers an option to purchase online. The products are also available at all Warehouse retail stores. All products carry information on the inspired theme and an introduction to HAKA New Zealand in general.

They also talk about the specific reason that a particular HAKA New Zealand symbol has been used in the accessory. The company is in talks with overseas business partners to go global and is looking at expanding the market to Australia, USA, Japan, UK and France. b.

 Analysis of sustainability challenge faced by HAKA NEW ZEALAND in terms of social, environmental, ethical and financial principles, recommendations and long term visions.i. Social: The social sustainability challenge that HAKA NEW ZEALAND faces is that the concept itself is deeply rooted in cultural sentiments. While many may argue that this is an advantage, it can also be a disadvantage sometimes. While the design and branding is created with an intention to boost the Maori culture, some people might have objections to commercializing the culture and thereby see it as a way of not showing enough respect. This can cause offence to communities and hurt the sensitivities of people.

ii. Environmental: As such all HAKA NEW ZEALANDproducts are environment friendly and hence with regard to sustainability challenge there is no specific issue for the brand.iii.

 Ethical: Like mentioned in the social segment, the designing is based on a cultural ethos. Since culture itself is largely a combination of feelings, habits and perspectives’ which are passed down generations, it cannot be measured or quantified. What can be considered positive to one might not been seen in the same light by the other. This dilemma caused a fair amount of a challenge for the HAKA NEW ZEALAND organization.iiii. Financial: The financial challenge is both related to internal environment and external environment. The cost of production is comparatively high in a country like New Zealand, when compared with other manufacturing hubs such as China or Vietnam.

 Also the supply chain management keeping in mind future growth is a challenge as there will be different cost centers. HAKA New Zealand is a brand that has been operating only in New Zealand and as per the company it plans to expand to other markets such as Australia, USA, Japan, UK and France. This will increase the costing and HAKA New Zealand needs to plan in advance of how to manage the operational expenditure.Recommendations and long term vision: The first step towards growth and expansion has been taken in terms of identifying the international markets that HAKA NEW ZEALAND would like to expand to. It is noteworthy to mention that HAKA NEW ZEALAND would have created the required business entry analysis and then arrived at the strategy of expanding to these countries. The recommendation is to expand to markets with a rich cultural diversity. That would relate to HAKA New Zealand being a brand that is deeply rooted in cultural ethos.

By expanding into a country which already has a respect for cultural symbols, HAKA New Zealand can be sure to captialise on the common feeling of cultural importance. With regard to the four factors of sustainability challenge, HAKA NEW ZEALAND will need to continue taking into consideration the opinion of the community elders on the product line and its significance. It is recommended that the company develops a process in which acknowledgement is sought on a regular basis, or a periodical acknowledgement scheme, in which elders of the community or other members of the community have to acknowledge that the brand is running in good faith and not causing any offence to the cultural sentiments of the Maoris.Task 2a. Working with the same organization, discuss how the ability of the organization to perform in terms guided by the vision will be impacted by trends in the external environment including political, technological, ethical and legal trends.

Political: The political environment presently in the country is positive post elections. The new government has promised many positives to businesses as compared with the incumbent government. New Zealand has primarily been an export dominated country. The primary exports of New Zealand are dairy and meat. This means that the country is pro exports in its international trade policy. Also, HAKA NEW ZEALANDintends to go global to Australia, USA, Japan, UK and France. Since the environment in New Zealand is advantageous for exports it will aid and benefit HAKA NEW ZEALAND.

 As for the domestic trade, New Zealand is primarily a country of small businesses. (Small enterprise)”Small enterprises of up to 20 employees are an important part of the New Zealand economy.According to the latest data from Statistics New Zealand, they account for:• 97 per cent (487,602) of all enterprises• 29 per cent (599,880) of all employeesAn estimated 26 per cent of New Zealand’s Gross Domestic Product. This data tells us that small industries are a predominant part of the New Zealand economy. HAKA NEW ZEALAND also is a small enterprise and this makes it conducive for HAKA NEW ZEALAND to continue to develop and grown in New Zealand.

 Technological: The technological environment is very conducive in New Zealand. We see new technology being used and adapted to almost every day. “91% of New Zealanders are active internet users.

70% spend 2 hours or more per day online, with 58% spending 3 hours or more. 95% of all users browse the web and 85% visit social networks. Laptops and mobile devices are the most popular devices for accessing the internet. According to the research, 75% obtained internet access using a laptop, while 74% used a mobile phone and 70% used a desktop computer.

” (Kevin) This shows that New Zealand has one of the highest internet penetration rates in the world. This is an excellent platform for HAKA NEW ZEALAND to market their products online. HAKA NEW ZEALAND has an online presence but most of its sales are from the retail stores.

 HAKA NEW ZEALAND can develop an ecommerce website to sell its products locally and internationally. In New Zealand, HAKA NEW ZEALAND can capitalize on the high internet penetration rates and engage customers likewise. “A new Market viewreport for the BNZ notes a surge in offshore online shopping by Kiwis in the run-up to Christmas. The exchange rate and greater choice have been given as the main reasons for spending sprees.The Market view report shows pre-Christmas online retail spending at offshore sites was stronger than ever this year – up 21 per cent on last November. (Kiwi shoppers are snapping up online goods from overseas at record rates, 2017) This clearly shows that the trends are in favor of online sales. Improvementtin technology can be capitalized by HAKA NEW ZEALANDfor its growth in the coming decade.

Ethical: The ethical issues are similar to what has been mentioned in the previous sections. Since HAKA New Zealandis based on the cultural symbols of the Maori community, it is important that the brand does not create and negative connotation among the community. This is a trend that will continue to grow. More the number of people greater the chances of non acceptance.

Hence HAKA New Zealand will have to be proactive in protecting the interests of the community. HAKA New Zealand will also be ethically answerable to the community for commercializing the cultural symbols.Legal: The legal environment in New Zealand is very positive. There is clarity in the legal process and one does not have to be dependent on academically qualified legal representatives for most legal needs as almost everything pertaining to running a business from the legal perspective, is available online on government websites. Apart from this the government of NewZealand also has citizen advice bureaus and legal aid made available for the citizens. The law community centre is very popular among people as it offers free legal advice for residents below a certain economic threshold. Apart from this the legal environment in New Zealand has always been quick in decision making and preservation of justice for businesses.

However, the legal system is inclined towards the consumer rather than the business. Hence it is advisable that HAKA New Zealand follows all rules and legislations to avoid the probability of attracting unwanted and expensive law suits. b.

 Building one or more key trends from the above environmental analysis, discuss how your chosen organization in equipped in terms of strengths and weaknesses in responding to the opportunities and threats that stem from the trends.For this question I will be considering the opportunities in the technologicalEnvironment. Strengths: The strength of HAKA New Zealand is excellent designing techniques. All HAKA New Zealand designs are beautifully crafted and printed with a high amount of precision and are very visually appealing to consumers. Also HAKA New Zealand has recently launched their website and will largely be using ecommerce technology to grow the company.

The quality of the clothing and accessories is also very high in comparative standards and are one of the primary reasons for the popularity of HAKA New Zealand. Since HAKA New Zealand is not a commodity product it has a High shelf line. So irrespective of when the product is produced the clothing and accessories can still be sold in the market because they are not perishable goods. Strength is the brand loyalty that HAKA New Zealand enjoys. Since it is a pioneer in its field HAKA New Zealand has a lot more benefits and this can be termed as its strength.Weakness: Lack of experience in the advancement of technology. Like mentioned earlier HAKA New Zealand is doing well in the present day of technology. But with advancements, it is unlikely to be able to keep up as it is not equipped to be able to respond to the technological needs of tomorrow.

 Also looking at HAKA New Zealand’s business model it is difficult to ascertain its alignment with technology. This is a weakness for HAKA New Zealand.Lack of diversity is also a weakness. Like the name suggests, all designs are limited to Maori designs and hence there is a lack of diversity in the product range. There could be some more to offer, keeping in mind the spirit of Hake.

Opportunities: The opportunities for HAKA New Zealand are to capitalize on its equation with the Mario community and engage this influence in the business world. The other opportunity for HAKA New Zealand is to use technology as a platform and expand to Australia, USA, Japan, UK and France. Using technology HAKA New Zealand can build its supply chain management services in the global market. It is presently available for online purchase only in New Zealand but HAKA New Zealand has an opportunity in developing to the above said global markets. Keeping in sync with the latest developments in fashion and retail can be an opportunity for HAKA New Zealand. While the designs are no doubt beautiful and appealing, HAKA New Zealand still lacks the swag of other leading brands. This is an opportunity for HAKA New Zealand, to use technology to develop its product line to be able to respond to the future needs of customers.

Threats: Just like how technology can be strength it can also be a weakness. With technology HAKA New Zealand’s designs can be easily copied. Since all leading brands have a copied version from China, selling for cheap,it is highly likely that the designs of HAKA New Zealandcan be used in a non patented country. The competitors can also have a lower pricing strategy. They can produce in bulk and import it too. Much like how the kiwi fruit was being imported from China.

Based on this philosophy, the potential import segments for HAKA New Zealand couldbe adversely affected and should be treated as a serious threat. The rising sale so substitute products is also a threat to the HAKA brand. Since there can be other substitutes that endorse the spirit and culture of the Maori community, HAKA New Zealand might not be the only brand selling on this concept of indigenous culture. Task 3 a. Identify one indigenous population impacted by the business operation of your chosen organization and justify your choice of this indigenous population using sustainability criteria.The one indigenous population impacted by the business operation of New Zealand would be the Maori population. Maoris are the ingenious people of New Zealand with a history spanning over a thousand years. Maoris were the original inhabitants of New Zealand until the European settlers arrived.

 The Maori also has a rich cultural heritage with unique cultural designs and depictions. The community has been close knit and to date have the clan system. HAKA New Zealand uses Maori designs in all their accessories and clothing and this is their unique selling point. And HAKA New Zealand has named the brand as Harkened Zealand too. To some in the Maori community this can be seen as an invasion of privacy and commercialization of years of cultural heritage. Although HAKA New Zealand is operated by Maoris and as it says in the website “has the blessings of elders” it seen as a commercialization of the cultural ethos of the Maori community. Also these designs are not owned by anyone in specific but rather belong to the whole community. Based on this philosophy, the profits of Hake New Zealand being used only by the HAKA New Zealand organization can be seen as unfair as the concept of Maori designs does not belong to the organization alone but belongs to the community as a whole.

Also, the indigenous population is affected by higher levels of unemployment and higher incidents of alcohol and drug abuse. Of course the reasons for these are in no way linked directly to HAKA New Zealand but it can be recommended that the profits from running the business be untied for the community’supliftment.  b. Describe the relationship between your chosen organization and the indigenous population using text and an original A4 visual aid. The visual aid could be a diagram or photograph that you create yourself or even a collage or montage in which you borrow from referenced sources.

                  These are some of the well known HAKA designs sourced from the internet. Deigns such as the last two are used in the HAKA New Zealand accessories and are very popular. The designs are commonly used in tattoos and can be seen worn as a tattoo of distinction.

This is very popular among Maoris and also can be seen as art work in their daily life, even as stickers on cars and other vehicles. This describes in brief the relationship between the Maori designs and HAKA New Zealand. All the designs used in HAKA New Zealand tell a story of the Maori community.

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