“Never patients, making them comfortable and involved. I would

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have” – Margaret Mead. Nursing to me has never been just a career. I give thought to nursing as more of a calling, for the individuals that are prepared to do more than just treating patients, but for those who are also committed to caring and ensuring that all patients are made to feel incredibly comfortable in their time of need and treatment. I have always applauded and admired nurses for the course of action they take for caring for individuals and have so much devotion in helping people with many different conditions, may it be an individual that has experienced a stroke or caring for someone with open wounds or broken limbs. Nurses have a huge positive effect on not just the patients but their families too, which creates such a great ethos for the patients, making them comfortable and involved. I would really love to be a part of the nursing profession as the healthcare system is very reliant on nurses and this is a challenge I am ready to take on.

 I am currently studying Sociology, Health and Social and Art and Design. Sociology has given me a great insight on into the way our society function through learning and studying the structure, development and the collective consciousness of different social institutions. The subject has given me the skills to evaluate different opinions, problem-solving and research skills. I enjoy advancing my knowledge in ethnic issues and cross-cultural understanding, which I know will help me to understand working with diverse patients. Health and Social Care has given me a real insight into the way that the healthcare system functions and how to relate knowledge gained form my research to situations in health and social care setting, which increased my passion for Adult Nursing.

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 The subject has taught me to manage my time very well and taught me to learn independently, going me the ability analyse and critically evaluate information alone. Although the subject has helped me to gain the confidence in working alone very well, it has also increased my ability in working in groups. In addition to my academic studies, I have been able to balance this with many other responsibilities. I am currently a Senior Prefect, Year 7 Mentor and Deputy Head Student at my school. I have aimed to be an exemplary to many of my peers around the school.

I have done this through volunteering at many year 7-11 parents evenings, along with many open evenings and mornings held at my school, along with helping promote the the sixth form. The responsibilities I have gained from the roles I have in my school have allowed me to learn how to manage my time well and be organised with everything that I do. Moreover being a year 7 mentor has been one of he most rewarding roles I have had being able to encourage and help younger students achieve their target grades or even higher. This has also enhanced my skills that I know I would need as a Nurse, for example being able to listen to the individual’s needs and problem-solving, knowing what to do specifically for that individual. As a head student, I had to create and take part in a leadership project.

Our project was to help and guide year 11’s into the transition from GCSE to A level, this has taught me to be dedicated to sticking to a project and making sure it meets its aim of helping the students. This contributes to my passion for staying determined to helping individuals, which is another reason I have always believed nursing is for me.Having work experience at Sundridge Court Nursing home has helped my skills in comminution and immensely increasing my knowledge in knowing how important effective communication is. This work experience increased my enthusiasm to work with patients. Volunteering in my local Barnardo’s Children’s charity shop, has given me the experience of giving back to my community, which I really enjoyed as it gave me responsibility and maturity. I am also currently on going work experience in Day Lewis Pharmacy, this has given me an insight on how individuals work and handle medication and given me some knowledge on different medications and how pharmacists count.

I believe all my skills that i have obtained from my studies and extra activities will enable me to be a successful nurse.Given the opportunity to study Adult Nursing will give me the chance to make make a life-changing impact in peoples lives which I have always aspired to do.