NepalThe was hydro electricity. Nepal uses its hydro electricity

NepalThe size of Nepa is:147,181 km²Population: Nepal’s population is about 29 million peopleThe flag of Nepal:Pictures of places in Nepal:Nepal is a third world landlocked Himalayan country in south asia that has a population of 28.98 million people. It has the biggest mountain that is Mount Everest. They use the nepalese rupee currency. Section 2Natural resources are resources that exist without any help of humans.

A renewable resource is a resource that can replenish in a short period of time Non renewable resources are resources that can not be  be replenished fast they can take millions of years to form.Renewable resources Hydro EnergyGeothermal energySolar energy Biomass energy mass energyNon renewable and natural resources Forests that cover about 25% of their landSubtropical  forestsDeciduous monsoon forestConiferous evergreen forest  soil and landAlluvial SoilSandy and stony soil Rocky soil Glacial soilLacustrine soil WaterSurface waterUnderground water MineralsCoalCopperIron oreCobalt pyriteLimestoneGoldDiamondUranium Zinc SilverSlatePros and cons of using the natural resources Pros and cons of miningProsMining for minerals and metals will make jobs for peopleWhen mining you have a chance to find something rare that might sell for lots of moneyConsPeople might die by an accidentMining areas will be waste lands after their done so there will be less land for farmers to grow onPros and cons of using waterProsKeeps you hydrated Healthy to drinkReduces headaches Faster healing if you are hurthealthier skinConsDrinking to much water before you go to sleep can disturb you from sleepingMakes you sweat morePros and cons of forestsProsGives oxygenMake furniture Make paperProvide homes for animalsClean up airConsForests take up space so there is less space to build houses and other buildingsHydro electricity The renewable resource I chose was hydro electricity. Nepal uses its hydro electricity for the county for, buildings. Also only about only 60% of Nepal’s population has access to electricity.

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Most of Nepal’s electricity is made by hydro electricity because they have high hydropower potential.Section 3 Nepal has landforms like hills, valleys, ponds, mountains, and plains valleys Mountains PondsHills PlainsComparing landforms with CanadaCanada’s landforms are very similar to Nepal’s.Canada has mountains