Needless newspaper rather than buying a burger or a

 Needless to say, young people tend to spend a lot of their spare time in the virtual world nowadays. Smartphones and computers, tablets and laptops became an integral part of our life. We cannot imagine our existence without the Internet, being off-line is a catastrophe for some people. It reminds me of the future that was described by R. Bradbury in ‘451* Fahrenheit’. We are obsessed with all these technical gizmos.     I believe, there are several factors that can explain why young people quit reading newspapers or watch TV news. First things first, they are just indifferent to everything that happens around them. Young people became so aloof and self-oriented so that nothing matters except their personality. Show me the one who prefers to spend some money on a newspaper rather than buying a burger or a new Drake’s single on iTunes.     Secondly, many adolescents see no reason to read something printed, they consider books and newspapers as an outdated source of information. Moreover, web pages can be accessed easier and faster – just a few clicks and you read the recent article from Washington Posts. They say that TV sets are for grannies and housewives only. Who will spend their time on watching boring TV news? There is the Youtube service that offers dozens of silly, ridiculous videos to dedicate your own life too.     Personally, I do not watch TV news and read newspapers because I just do not have time for that. It worth mentioning, that current situation in our country is full of stress and fear and no one wants to hear such bad news constantly. It can lead to depression and strong forms of aggression.     I do believe that news that we can get online is enough for us and there is no need to push someone to read newspapers or watch the news on TV. The most important thing is to help young people develop critical thinking as an ability to survive in the world full of information which is fake sometimes.