Nature God” is understood to be the human rational

 Nature of Humanity andGods Relationship with Humanity The nature of humanity and humanity’srelationship to God really come hand in hand. Men and women were created in theimage of God, with humanity being created in Gods image. It shows the specialrelationship he had planned to have with all of humanity. There are manydifferent ways of looking at humanity and its relationship with God. A few thatwill be focused on throughout this paper are, Humans Being Created in GodsImage, God as the Creator, Gods Relationship with Humanity and the world, andIntelligent Design.

To start off with, one of the mostcommon understanding’s of this topic is Human Beings Created in Gods Image.  This ultimately means that humans have someunderstanding of him and his vast and complex design. “The “Image of God” isunderstood to be the human rational faculty, which here mirrors the wisdom ofgod” (328). First off because humus was created to convey God, human naturereflects many of Gods characteristics, it gives humans a better understandingof him. For example, we love because he is love, we show compassion, andtruthful because humans are created in his image. The main  element in human nature is its God-given abilityto relate to God. Adam was created in the image of God, that meant he was freefrom all the usual weakness which affected human nature (ex. Death).

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Due to Adamand Eves decision to turn away from God to the material world, the image of Godin humanity is defaced and disfigured. Going along with this Augustine saw thathumanity was universally affected by sin as a consequence from the fall. Thehuman mind was darkened and weakened by sin. Sin has always been seen as acts committedwillfully against god.

In my opinion sin has taken over many people, but Goddidn’t make us to be perfect. Yes, humans are made in his “image” but god knewpeople would still make mistakes. In other words, God is known as the creator,this doctrine is central to the old testament.

“God as the creator has been thesubject of intense discussion within the Christian tradition” (200).  There are a number of models that are ways of picturingthe manner of which God is thought to be creating the world. All of these modelsshow this special relationship God intended to have with humanity in manydifferent ways.  The first one isEmanation, this is a term that was widely used by early Christian writers toclarify the relationship between God and the world. From this imange “it issaid that the creation of the world can be regarded as an over following of thecreative energy of God” (200). Due to this there is a very natural or in otherwords organic connection between God and the world or humanity. This model alsoarticulates a very close connection with God (the creator) and the creation(humanity). The next model that shows the relationship with God and the worldis Construction.

This portrays God as a master builder in constructing theworld.  The imagery is powerful,conveying, the ideas of purpose, planning, and a deliberate intention to create”(200). This gives people a better way of seeing the relationship between godand humanity, due to the power it has. Along with that the image is veryimportant because it draws people’s attention to the creator but also thecreation. By these images being show it is able to bring out the beauty andordering the result of the creation to be appreciated. Without this image, noone would be able to see how special or the beauty of humanity that godcreated. The last model that I’m going to talk about is Artistic Expression.

Thisimage is very helpful as it supplements a deficiency of both two models talkedabout earlier. Artistic expression really shows the beauty of God’s creationand it also brings out the personality of God. Going along with that this modelalso shows the creation of humans or humanity as “handwork of God”.  Without these three models the understandingof Gods special relationship with humanity, would be very complicated. We cansee that God intended for humanity to be beautiful and convey his image. Lastly, I’m going to talk about howhumans were created throughout evolution. There are many different types ofevolution or Christian response to the challenges of Darwin, that can be lookedat like Young-earth creation, old earth creation, intelligent design, andevolutionary theism.

The one I’m going to focuses on is intelligent design. Thisargues the existence for God. “Intelligent design does not deny biologicalevolution” (352).  There are many speciesin this world that we don’t know where they came from yet, which leads me andother people to believe God made them for a reason. This is just like humansbeing made in Gods image.

  He deiced tomake us in his image for a reason. All in all, I believe that humanswere made in the image of God, and due to God being the creator he does have aspecial relationship with humanity. A few of the reasons for me believing are,humans being created in the “Image of God”, God as the creator/his relationshipwith humanity, and intelligent design. These reasons help give humans a betterunderstanding of God and his personality. Without these three-main reason’shumanity wouldn’t know whether or not they were made in Gods image and why.