My the 1st runner-up in public speaking competition of

My active involvement with East West
University Debating Club (EWUDC) played a pivotal role in shaping a sense of
LOGOS (i.e., logical argument & judgment) in me. In 2012, my team became
the champion of Intra-University Debate League (IDL). I was the 1st
runner-up in public speaking competition of Freedom Premium League (FPL). Each
of these experiences motivated me intensely to study in this field and I hope that
this is the entrance for continuing my doctoral studies.

To leverage my attained academic knowledge
into a greater height, I decided to enroll myself to an internship program in
IDLC (Industrial Development Leasing Company), a renowned non-banking financial
institute (NBFI) of Bangladesh, for three months and submitted my internship
report on Deposit Schemes Analysis of
IDLC Finance Limited: a Comparative Analysis. As a consequence of my
promising academic record and extra-curricular activities, I was recruited by a
prominent private bank of Bangladesh, BRAC Bank Limited, in the Trade
Operations Department in the year of 2015. I believe from my heart that I have
potentials to do something more creative and interesting than to be a banker.
All I need is an academic orientation to that field and relevant technical
know-how. If I got the opportunity to study in this field, I will be able to
take myself to become an entrepreneur, a social media specialist or a consultant
in this arena.

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By dint of technology, lots of opportunities
are being created and the pattern of tourism is expecting to experience a
revolutionary change. On the other hand, marketing has the potential to have a
great impact on a customer’s intention to visit a destination and destination
choice, though it is to be examined which marketing activities will have the
largest impact and greatest effectiveness. Mostly people, while planning for travelling,
in these days, are influenced by e-word-of-mouth. I think information search,
use of information channel, decision making process and booking and purchase
behavior of customers will be an interesting topic for my master’s thesis.

My decision of pursuing a master’s degree in
Tourism Marketing and Management (TMM) at University of Eastern Finland (UEF)
is not only an effort towards career advancement and earning an expedited
education related to this field, but also a vital scope of gaining insights
from my fellow experienced peers. An eminent institution like University of
Eastern Finland (UEF) with its entire qualified faculty, high quality academic
research facility, an interaction among relevant fields and world class
learning opportunity would give me the necessary traction to pursue my next

Noting that, this formidable program looks
for highly motivated & the most competent students, I firmly believe that,
my dedication and proficiency will be the pennon for my selection in this
program in your esteemed institution.

Thank you for considering my candidacy. I
will eagerly look forward to your acknowledgement.