My or abolishing chocolate, eating chocolate to stand in

      My argument for this
reading will focus on an interpretation on John mill “Competent Judge” Mill idea
of the “competent judge” is someone   who
has experience  for  both the lower  pleasure and the higher pleasure.  And he 
compare the competent  judge as
people  who are capable of determine, between
the difference  low  pleasure is higher pleasure, or  someone who has good thing, and who appreciate
the incomparable greater appeal of both pleasure, as they have that experience
and knowledge and therefore wiser in regards to defining the amount of
pain/pleasure the action may cause.

competent judge for John Mill is someone with experience, and who can define
the higher and lower pleasure.  “if there
was a referendum on abolishing mathematics or abolishing chocolate, eating chocolate
to stand in for the physical pleasure as something generally free of moral and
emotional complication”  many  college graduate would rather choose math over
chocolate  simple because they enjoy the
pleasure of the chocolate than the math’s . For me I enjoyed the pleasure of
eating chocolate but not the pleasure of doing the topic mathematics.  I know that there is after effect if I choose
to eat too much chocolate, but I will rather eat it and face the consequences than
choose something that will give me stress. Mill argument is idealistic: there
are ways for us to remedy all our problems and enjoyed the good life can offer
us. Pleasure for Mills can be determined by looking to what a competent judge
would prefer. Choosing chocolate over mathematics for John Mill I am count as might
count as a “competent judge”. Students who are good in maths are
all ready to escape maths if they have the way out. The majority of those
calculus students would choose chocolate hands down rather than choose math’
who will want to settle for less? Only idiot will do.

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     My second part will simply talk about the greatest
happiness principle.  John Mill argued                             

That” cultural,
intellectual and spiritual are of greater value than mere pleasure”. Of the
other philosopher John mill was a great thinker he talks more on happiness and
he also promote happiness. He said that “virtue is a key to obtaining happiness”.
Some people will sacrifice their  happiness to please  others. Our action are right in proportion on
how much joy result from them and wrong 
in proportion to  how  much pain they 
may  cause  us. Living a life full of happiness is the
best way to live. Mills argue about the “competent judge, he said is one who
experienced both kinds of pleasure. His point is interesting; if I never get
pleasure in reading a particular kind of books then I am not a “competent
judge” of reading the books. He uses good illustration to tell the between
happiness and pleasure. For examples, I already know I am a human, how can I
trade it to become an animal or a young educated lady chooses to be ignorant.
Mill said people who are less content employ higher faculties have deeper
senses of limitation of the things of this world.

Utilitarianism Mill
outline his argument in support to prove the principle that happiness is
desirable and the only thing are desirable only as a means to that end  in other words Mills aim to prove the truth of
Hedonism. Which I do agree with him.