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My wife is a stay-at-home mom as ofnow. We conceived when it was the peak time for her to be working andfulfilling her ambitions. But she decided to give her career aspirations a restto start a family and bring this tiny human being to life which has become ourwhole world. But at the time, none of us had the slightest idea what we weresigning up for. Even one year after delivering she has had to put her dreams onhold to tend to this little life that we’ve created. Not that she iscomplaining or she isn’t proud of her new role as a stay-at-home mother, trustme we both truly are and I would have been equally proud had she been working,but we also can’t deny the fact that she did have to make sacrifices and changeher priorities to take up this new role. Not me, but her.

And then, on theother hand, there are also mothers who choose or have to work feeling guiltyfor having to leave their babies behind. It’s very difficult to choose one overthe other, knowing that between the two there’s no such thing called a perfectchoice, or even a good or a bad choice for that matter. And though neither ofthe decisions comes easy and both the decisions demand immense courage,strength, sacrifice and bravery, it should be welcomed wholeheartedly andappropriately lauded. Did you just read bravery? Oh yes, you read it right. Itis, as a matter of fact, an act of bravery that we must give due credit to.So I feel it’s very shameful for usto even have this constant debate and categorize motherhood into stay-at-homemoms and working moms.

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It’s rather pitiful how some of us look down atstay-at-home moms and secretly diss on them, at the same time judge workingmoms for being heartless and make them feel guilty for leaving their babiesbehind. We should understand that there’s more to motherhood than what meetsthe eye. Motherhood is one true empowering spirit in itself and it doesn’treally matter if she’s a stay-at-home mom or a working one. It’s the feeling,emotions and sentiments with which she enjoys motherhood and which makes herhappy is what really matters in the true sense. Because after all she’s thecentre of everything, she’s the axis on which our lives revolve, men’s as wellas the kids’.

In my words, “Children might be the heart of the family,Dads might be the body, but Moms are definitely the soul of the family.”So let’s not put them in any category, rather just celebrate them for thebeautiful souls that they are.