My I still wouldn’t misbehave as I didn’t want

        My parents and teachers used to teach me how “honesty is the best policy”,”slow and steady wins the race” , many other morals and how I should do what’s “right” not “wrong”. Emphasising how studying was our top priority and that adults were always “right” and how lying and doing something else instead of what you were told was “wrong”. I didn’t like studying or having to go to bed early just because they said so, but I didn’t want to be “wrong”. So I was sometimes unhappy for having to listen to what others say but I still wouldn’t misbehave as I didn’t want to be “wrong”.         On the first day of Primary 5, I walked into my new class with butterflies in my stomach, unable to recognise any familiar faces in the crowd. I slowly moved to the corner of the room which was empty.

Five minutes before the bell rang, a girl filled the seat beside me, I quickly learnt that her name was Crystal. She was friendly and easygoing, my first friend in the class. We went for recess together and I was delighted to have met such a great friend with so much in common. I didn’t expect myself to make a friend so quickly being the shy and introverted person I am. A few days went by and we were almost inseparable. However, when I was called over by a few of my other classmates, they told me to stop being friends with her.

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I was surprised at what they thought about her and the unpleasant examples given, but I tried to dismiss it. My teachers always told me that I should learn to fit in with my classmates, how some friends are not worth making and how I should not reject advice given by others. It was then had I started considering their opinions about her.

         As I started to distant myself from her, she slowly realised that I was leaving her out like the others did. However, I felt remorseful for what I did, even though it seemed like I was doing something “right”, staying away from a “bad friend”. As the guilt started piling up, I suddenly felt silly for listening to what others thought was ‘”right” instead of doing what I felt was “right”. That was when I had the realisation that I should be the one making the decisions in my life. I should choose the life I want and the friends I make, one can only be happy when they make their own choice. The only way I can tell between right and wrong is that if I feel bad for doing something, its “wrong” and if I feel good, its “right”.

Although the choices made may lead me to unhappiness, but experience is what we need to succeed at times. I will from now on live my own life, and use the power that I have to choose the ending that I want. This I believe. (500 words)