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My top three picks for the invention project would be the milking machine, railroad car, and gastractor. I choose these 3 because I think they are the most efficient and fastest way of working.The milking machine made getting and using milk easier and faster. The railroad car also madegetting food faster and without it spoiling. The Gas tractor made farming faster and made lesswork for the farmers.My top pick would be the Milking Machine because, milk is used in so many foods and if wedidn’t have the milking machine the production for milk would be very slow.

So if the productionof milk slowed down the stability for milk would be gone. With less milk would be less food thatuses milk. Without the Milking Machine all food production would slow down too, and maybeeven less nutrients for the population. So without the Milking Machine not only would foodproduction slow down, our bodies would too.

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I choose railroad cars next because it made shipping and receiving meat products more efficientand caused them not to spoil. Without the Railroad Car most of our populations meat would bespoil, so when finally getting our meat population it would be spoil. With having spoiled meat ourpopulation would be getting sick too, because of spoiling. Maybe some of our meat productionwould be healthy, but we don’t raise enough meat close enough to supply the population. TheRailroad Car made more production of meat without it spoiling.Lastly i choose the Gas Tractor. I choose this because it made work for the farmers a lot faster,supplying more plants for our population.

Without the Gas Tractor our plant supply would be a lotless and cause many problems with hunger and maybe even USA being more unhealthy then italready is. The USA would be more unhealthy without the Gas Tractor, because that supplies uswith the greens we and without it we would only have artificial everything. The Gas Tractor madeworking easier and more efficient.The Milking Machine, Railroad car, and Gas Tractor are my top picks because they all manlymade working faster and helped supply more food. So without all of these some of arepopulation would be hungry, sick, or unhealthy. With these three they keep are food productionstable.

The Milking Machine keeps milk stable, Railroad Car kept our meat healthy, and the GasTractor made farming faster. I choose these, because they all supply jobs, make working faster,and cause stability for our economy.