My dependent on the family and hospital staff for

My origin and my upbringing.In the late 90’s I left my family and Imigrated to America. I was born and raised in averypoor and politically tumultuous little island, Haiti. Its people have enduredsuffering and repression at level that might have wiped out most.

Living insuch poverty and the difficulties experienced as a result, have a way of deeplyaffecting how you think. In my experience I have been left with the strong needto bring relief to those I see suffering and in Nursing I know I can be ofservice and develop myself into an effective advocate for others. In nursingthe needs and care of the patient are paramount.  My clinical experience as a caregiver.In the last 5 years, working as aPatient Care Associate have taught me effective  and pristine quality nursing care, which in part means to dono harm where  we think of itas  “doing good” for others,entails not only knowing clearly the scope of practice and duties but also how toapply them in and balance requirements from multiple agencies, which can attimes can seem to be at odds, is an important ongoing learning process, wherethe basic rules and policies must be familiarized with at each differenttreatment site.

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These policies, with regards to procedures, should not cause usto forget the original objective which is to serve and advocate for thepatient. I feel compelled to state that my Professors in the RN program and nowthe PN program have each repeatedly demonstrated, with grace and patience, howknowing yourself as well as the guiding policies are crucial abilities neededto help us develop into knowledgeable, efficient,  and successfulpractitioners. The exposure to our clinical rotation, assessment, care andtreatment of elderly or the frail with a variety of illnesses particular to thepresentations of symptoms with possible treatments in the geriatric rotationdeepened our understanding and knowledge about the complexities in working withthe rapidly changing older adults depending on their social economic, theirneeds in the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. They are primarily dependent on thefamily and hospital staff for decision making and care.  Assessment, notation of manual andelectronic data, patient history, handling of orders with a variety ofmedications, establishing therapeutic client and inter-healthcare teamcommunication, pre/post operative as well as comfort care and teaching are notexclusive but a slice of the many cross-disciplined skills needed and revealedto us in ways that we were not aware of at the time but became evidentthroughout the semester.

Our faculty members were excellent examples inpractice consistently and that made for an enriched academic atmosphere at multiplelevels for learning. All of the above skills and learning objectives arerequirements as part of the nurse’s responsibilities but equal in importance isbeing culturally sensitive and continued self-evaluation as to our responsestowards the patient’s choices. Throughout the academic year we have discussedwe and were provided with ways to identify potential bias so that we canminimize the impact of our responses on the care and wishes of our patients. Ihave learned that feeling comfortable with the choices I would make in a givensituation are just that my choices based on my experiences, culturalinfluences, and family situations.

The LPN program has promoted my developmentin knowing why and what evidence based reasoning guides planning and treatmentwhich statistically is found to have the more favorable application, but alsoin giving this information to the client I know that allowing the patient andtheir family to express their feelings and thoughts is just as important inproviding appropriate care for the client. Advocacy is not fighting for what wethink should be done or provide but giving the patient as much information atthe appropriate communication level so that they and their support group canmake decisions which meet their basic needs even if they are not in totalagreement with the choices we might make for them or ourselves. Culturalpractices can be a strong influence it is part of our duty to explore and tryto gain knowledge about these possible influences and treat them with respect.

My life challenges.Having suffered many obstacles orstepping stones, depending on your outlook, in my life such as growing upwithout my biological parents, stabbed and beaten almost to death by myauthoritarian stepmother and most recently going to college while caring forother siblings in Haiti has opened many areas of knowledge but with thatknowing has come even more questions. Consistent introspection aids andsupports critical thinking, the basis of what we look at the how, what, and whyfactors to take into consideration when making patient decisions. My childhoodvision of “what a nurse does” has not changed much in essence, from my initialexploration in my first nursing philosophy. Nurses must instill confidence butI now know that the practitioner’s fortitude must be built on prudent thinkingrooted in evidence based practice (EBP).

(EBP’s) coupled with effectivelistening to the patient and family dynamic including what it is they want toaddress as their priority in needs serves as the guide in what essentiallybecomes our responses and actions. I have since childhood been primarilyinterested in the biological sciences’ my interest has never diminished.Nursing keeps me highly motivated to review and seek the latest information onpatient treatment, pathophysiology, and breakthroughs in understanding aboutthe disease process. Life is a journey and how we perceivethat sojourn gives it form in our memories.   To create such a transformational hope through one’slive, precipitated by the harshness and the many derogatory and hurtful thingspeople, including family have said about my sexual orientation, my skin color,my desire to become a nurse, but initiated by my impoverish  upbringing.

The idea seems absurd butthe steadfast belief allow me to take those negatives and use them as fuel topropel my life forward. These experiences serve as example of the human spiritto create out of ashes, out of nothing even when faced the nothingness, theabsurd, the cruelty, the direst circumstances that you can see blood drippingthere is always hope.