My and Media to promote active learning. Besides developing

My section in the Department
InfoComm Solution Centre in Temasek Polytechnic, School of Engineering is
involved in the training of the ENG (School of Engineering) Academic staff on
the use of Infocomm Technology and Media to promote active learning. Besides
developing the training materials, the traditional teaching rote method was
used without consideration of the adult learners’ profile. As most of us
possess little formal teaching experience, attending a structured programme is

WSQ Competency Based Training
approach can be applied to my workplace to address these problems as we may be
lacking the pedagogical and facilitation knowledge and skills to perform effectively as trainer or facilitators and the
knowledge and skills required for the development of curriculum and application
of instructional design to create courseware for an adult learning programme.

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In applying a CBT approach, the first step is the selection of staff among my
section who have the domain/subjects’ expertise to train the academic staff.
After identifying the suitability of the candidates, competency profiling of
the candidates can then be established. The Training and Adult Education WSQ
Competency Map can be used to capture the type of competencies needed as an
adult educator. It also charts the various job roles and the skillsets needed
in the respective qualification levels. Next, the performance gaps of the
candidates can be identified by comparing the existing performance standards
with the Training and Adult Education National Competency Standard. The
Performance Gaps of the employees can be reviewed in the second step by
comparing the desired Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes of the learners with that
of the desired Knowledge, Skills and Attitude to perform a task well. Once the
gap is identified, the third step of implementing both non-training and
training development solutions can be executed to enhance performance.

CBT approach can ensure
curriculum relevancy to specialised industry through contextualization; this
allows the introduction of learning activities or assessments within the range
and context, thus ensuring better learning outcomes.