My americans. Theme> freedom In the first two lines

My name is
Nasra omar and today I will analyse a  song known as waving flag  by knaan. Knaan is a  somali Canadian singer that used to live in
Somalia and later during civil war moved to Canada with his parents. The song
was released in 2009 in youtube and it become number 2 in Canadian
2010 , the song was choosen by coco cola to be the anthem for the fifa world
cup hosted in south Africa. Some of the lyrics were changed to make it unifying
with celebration tone. It was also used to raise awareness of famine that
happened to Haiti people where many singers got involved and they raised money
for the Haiti people.

corresponds to part 1 of the course which its learning outcome of what language
of a text tell us the writers cultural context I n this case the singers.

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are Somalis and also  people who were
colonized and African americans.

Theme>  freedom

In the first two lines and the title of the song introduce the image of
a waving flag which represents freedom and repetition of words like I which
indicate that its someone talking about their country. There is repetition of
the line “When I get older, I will be stronger” throughout the song, with hopeful
tone that the future is brighter ,also with these lines we can identify the
target audience to be his own people Somalis as Knaan repeats I and words like
flag and freedom hence people who come from his country will understand him and
thus are his first audience. But  also as
the song continues we can see his target audiences are not only Somalis but
other people that experienced war, colonized and faced hunger or maybe still
fighting to  get  their freedom, he wants to give them hope and
inform them they are not alone in this situation.We know he is talking about
Somalia his country  when he sings these  lines  “it is my home all I have known ” in the
previous line there  is  simile where he compares Somalia to rome to
show that Somalia used to be strong as rome. Also  with use a  metaphor and rhyming words, he tells  us the past and the present of  country been like kingdom but now is made up
of slums of poor people. He is educating  his audience about how  these people that were under colonization  through his languages by using words like  stronger, surrender, retreat”  and calling them “survivals” depict what lives
of these people are like.

As the song continues, he talks about how  these countries that were colonized
experienced wars using words like , settling scores these are  terms are used in games and it show two team
against each other. that been colonized countries and their colonisers.To show
that these colonizers are bringing empty promises knaan quotes with words like
heard or say to emphasize how much familiar the people are with these fake
promises. Here he also reveals through use of metaphor as love being the way or
the solution. This again emphasizes how the promises don’t solve things.  Like you cant solve hunger and violence with
love instead its solved with peace and food. We have the repetition of the word
love.  The diction of words like,
believers emphasize how colonisers imposed their ideologies on people of  they colonise. Ideas such as religion. Because
when these colonisers come to a country they come with their culture, their
faith and their language and spread through missionairies . as the song lyrics
continues, Knaan talks about the dominance imposed on the colonies and the
comprises they make with the rulers. The language here such as deceive, fight
and battle show this and also it  carries
a sad tone.  The effect is that the  audiences that are familiar with stories like
these to feel upset and disappointed.

The next lines have an encouraging tone which creates a sense of
strength and bravery within the  audiences
as Knaan tell the story of colonisation.

We have a simile In which colonies are compared to buffalo soldiers.
These were African/American unit in the army that were segregated from the rest
of the army but also they took part in the civil war.

This part of the lyrics adds on to Knaans targeted audience, here
mayb  l African/americans can relate to
what he is saying.

Even though he talks about  moving
forward like buffalo soldiers, the road ahead is not easy and that can be seen
by a worrisome tone which in turn creates an upset mood within the audiences
that understand his point of view.

Last but not least knaans language tells us his cultural context. He
wants to educate people about the effects of colonization and Also show empathy
to ones that already experienced such scenarios, he gives them hope through
language that the future is  bright  and with patience  all the struggles will lead them to be free.

Thank you for listening