Motor Development Coaching Girls Basketball Experiment the Research Paper

Motor Development

Coaching Girls Basketball Experiment

The purpose of this experiment was to conduct a muscular fitness test to access the upper and lower body strength of female girls who are on the basketball team. Muscle strength can be thought of as the amount of force that an individual can exert in a single muscle contraction which can be accessed through circuit training. Muscle endurance is also a consideration and refers to the quantity of weight repetitions that can be performed at any given weight. The team’s initial level of strength was recorded during various strength training exercises, a strength training routine was performed over a period of ninety days, and finally the team’s level of strength was recorded again at the end of the activity.

Assessment of Muscular Strength

The assessment of muscular strength will be measured along four important variables related to strength training. The first will be maximum number of push-ups performed in a series. Although the team will be training with weights, push-ups are a good indicator of upper body strength. The second assessment will be the number so sit-ups that can be performed within sixty seconds. This will provide a measurement of core strength of the girls. Another assessment will be maximum squat load that can be performed on a leg press machine. The final assessment will total reach that can be obtained by jumping which will provide a measure of the girls total lower body strength.

Independent Variable

The independent variable in the experiment will be the strength training routine that will be conducted over the course of the strength training program which will be conducted over a ninety day period.

Dependent Variable

The dependent variable will be the improvement in physical fitness that occurs in response to the training routine.

Number of Participants

There will be twelve participants included in the study and the study will consist of the entire girl’s basketball team.

Characteristics of Participants

The participants are girls who are of the ages of twelve to thirteen. Most of theā€¦