Most the World Bazaar, Adventureland, Westernland, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Critter

Most Japanese amusement parks were built in late 1950. When the economy went down, some of these parks closed.

There were many reasons for the closings. Bigger parks like Universal Studios and Disneyland put a lot of smaller parks out of business. Lots of smaller parks were financed by banks that failed. Lots of new amusement parks were opening up all across Asia too, which had brought attention and attendance away from Japanese amusement parks. Lots of these failed amusement parks have been either abandoned or torn down completely. Those that remain in operation are the bigger and better received ones, usually with unique characters of their own.

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Some of these parks include Tokyo Disneyland, Universal Studios, Fuji Q Highland, and Metsä. Tokyo Disneyland is located in Urayasu, Chiba. It opened on April 15th 1983, and was the first Disney park to be built outside the United States.

The park has seven areas: the World Bazaar, Adventureland, Westernland, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Critter Country and Mickey’s Toontown. It is praised for its extensive open spaces, used to accommodate the large crowds. The park is the world’s second most visited theme park behind Magic Kingdom since 2013. Even though the final cost of the park was 80 billion yen over the projected cost, Tokyo Disney Resort has regularly been one of the most profitable Disney Resorts. By 1994, over 140 million people had visited Tokyo Disneyland. In 1996, it employed 12,390 people, making it the biggest diversionary outing workplace in Japan. Though the attendance is similar to that of other Japanese theme parks, the revenue produced by Tokyo Disneyland is greater than all the other Japanese theme parks combined.

Many speculate that Tokyo Disneyland is such an economic success due to timing and location.One of the four Universal Studios theme parks opened on March 31st 2001, in Osaka, Japan. It was the world’s fastest amusement park to achieve 10 million because of its first day attendance of 11 million. After that, about 8 million people attend every year. The 45 billion yen Wizarding World of Harry Potter area opened in July of 2014. This area is expected to raise 5 trillion 60 million yen in the next 10 years.

Universal Studios Japan congratulated its 100 millionth guest in October of 2012. The park hosted 11 million guests in 2014, and it’s currently ranked the number 5 top amusement park worldwide. The park is made of 10 main parts; New York, Hollywood, San Francisco, Jurassic Park, Minion Park, Universal Wonderland, Waterworld, Amity Village, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and Super Nintendo World. Universal Studios Japan had the most illuminated Christmas tree with more than 260 thousand lights in 2011. The only incident to ever happen there was in November of 2004, when a 35-year-old Japanese woman suffered nerve damage in her wrist, affecting the use of two of her fingers; this happened when her hand got stuck in a safety bar.Fuji Q Highland is located near Mount Fuji, in the Fuji Five Lake Region. The park is famous in Japan for its four record-breaking roller coasters, and huge theme areas.

The four main roller coasters are Fujiyama, Dodonpa, Eejanaika, and Takabisha. Despite opening 1996, Fujiyama still is one of the world’s best coasters. Dodonpa is 17 years old, but still is the fastest coaster at the park, and is the fastest accelerating roller coaster in the world.

Eejanaika is 12 years old, and the most notable feature is that it has seats rotating within the car. It also has most inversions of any roller coaster worldwide. Last but not least, the steepest dropping roller coaster in the world is the  7-year-old Takabisha, dropping at 121 degrees. The park has other attractions such as mazes, haunted attractions; traditional rides such as tea cup, log flume, pirate ship, drop tower, a ferris wheel, carousel, and sky swings; seasonal attractions, such as an ice skating rink; kids attractions including one area of the park home to Thomas Land, a train themed zone which is based on the Thomas the Tank Engine books.Metsä, forest in Finnish, is the first Moomin theme park outside Finland, and opened at Lake Miyazawa in 2017. Miyazawa Lake is located in Hanno, near Tokyo.

The surroundings of the lake remind Tove Jansson of Finland where he lived and created the Moomins. Metsä consists of two zones; the “Moomin zone” and “Public zone”. At Moomin zone you can experience the world of Moomin stories and at Public zone you may feel the Scandinavian atmosphere and enjoy the rich nature. The main idea is to build a one of a kind community space and an authentic Moominvalley with its landscape and atmosphere, buildings and of course Moomin characters.

There are 18 characters, including Toffle, The Muddler, Thingumy and Bob, Fillyjonk, Snork, Hemulen, Hattifatteners, Mymble, Too-ticky, The Groke, Stinky, Sniff, Snufkin, Little My, Snorkmaiden, Moominpappa, and Moominmamma. They have a wide variety of merchandise, including accessories, home decorations, collectables, posters, toys, books, stationary, and clothes.