Monetary activity. In order to have monetary freedom, government’s

freedom means take away from the government everything that concerns monetary

freedom is linked to concepts
of monetary economics and monetarism. The first is a discipline that permits
the analysis of money and its related function as a medium of exchange, a
valuable unit and a cost unit. The second one is the control of the government
on current money. The monetary freedom can be measured based on two factors:
the price stability (inflation) and the price control.

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is monetary phenomenon, an increase in the general price level for buying goods
and service. It can happen within a certain period of time. Its effect is a
loss of money value. Basically, it means ”too much money chasing too few

control: is when the government decides to limit prices of goods in the market.

This can happen due to some facts: government wants to avoid consumer’s
exploitation by suppliers, wants to control the rate of inflation, wants to
control the supply. (ensure a shortage).

freedom is a combination of these two measures.

and price control may lead to significant consequences and distortion of market

In order to have monetary freedom, government’s
function should be to safeguard property rights, maintain price stability,
fight inflation so that markets can expand.