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9 Page 376 – Page 423- Ahab doesn’t trust the peg leg he has, so he begs the carpenter for another one. Ishmael believes that the whale population decreased because they no longer travel in groups. It is as if they hid away from everything for their own safety. The carpenter agrees to make a new leg for Ahab, but he also pays for it because Ahab drives him crazy. Ahab yells at him because in order to make a new leg for someone, you need time and in his mind there is no time. The carpenter mocks Ahab behind his back. Meanwhile, the oil casks begin leaking, Ahab insists that they don’t fix them.

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This angers Starbuck to the point where Ahab sympathetically requests to repair the casks. Unfortunately, Queequeg becomes fatally sick and he thinks that the illness will result in his death. He orders the man to build him a coffin featuring his important possessions. He lays in the coffin while Pip dances around it and after a while the coffin restores him back to full health. Queequeg jokes about it and uses his coffin for storage purposes.

The reader meets the blacksmith and Ishmael requests that the blacksmith should make him a special harpoon to kill Moby Dick. Ishmael supplies him with the nails of horseshoes and tough steel to construct the harpoon. Ahab gives the blacksmith more problems than directions so for a last resort Ahab constructs the harpoon himself. The making process of the harpoon involved more blood of the men than anything else. Ahab declines a gam with another ship called the Bachelor when their captain tells him that he has stories about Moby Dick and Ahab believes that it is a lie. The crew of the Pequod goes on to kill multiple whales. Ahab takes the time to bond with one of the dying whales making the crew and the readers see the mental captains softer side. The sweetness of the moment halts once Fedallah brings up a prophecy about his death and how after he dies, Ahab will follow after.

However, Ahab doesn’t believe him because he doesn’t plan on dying at sea. Afterward, Captain Ahab discusses matters of latitude with Starbuck and Stubb which results in him changing the ships direction. However, his decision affected the Pequod because it ran into a typhoon that destroyed one of his harpoon boats. Ahab doesn’t install lightning rods on the ships masts and due to his incompetence parts of his ship and his harpoon go up in white flames.  The frightened crew tries to take care of it but Ahab blows out the flame believing that it will blow away fear. Ahab’s behavior makes the man controversial because his crew gossips about him the next day.

Stubb and Flask feel like Ahab puts them in danger and that he is more dangerous than the typhoon. During the aftermath of the storm, Starbucks debates whether or not he should kill Ahab. He agrees with himself over and over and comes to the conclusion where he decides to not kill the captain.  Response- Entry No.9 Page 376 – Page 423 – When Ahab bonded with the whale it shocked me.

I am used to reading terrible descriptions on the man and his opinion on whales. When he talks to it, the situation made me connect with him even more because it made me realize that Ahab isn’t all bad.  According The John Hopkins University Press, “Ahab is conscious of being in the same mortal plight that Ishmael recognizes above, for, as he says, “I’m all aleak myself.

Aye! leaks in leaks! not only full of leaky casks, but those leaky casks are in a leaky ship. . . . Yet I don’t stop to plug my leak; for who can find it in the deep-loaded hull; or how hope to plug it, even if found, in this life’s howling gale?” Although he experiences this general mortal plight, Ahab, at first glance, can be distinguished from other men, for his already burdened body has received an additional handicap, the loss of his leg as a result of his first encounter with Moby Dick.” In other words saying Ishmael and I were too quick to judge Ahab.

Despite the fact that he wants revenge on the whale and annoys his crew, Ahab also manages to have a softer side. Another shocking moment that I encountered in the story was the case of Queequeg. In my opinion, Queequeg is one of those “healthy as a horse” characters and if anything I expected Ishmael to fall sick during this trip because he is weaker. Ishmael clearly proved me wrong because the crew needs him for his knowledge on whales. Ahab’s behavior continues to leave mixed impressions on the men and myself. Parts of his ship and his harpoon were on fire and he didn’t do anything about it. He blew his harpoon’s fire out because he didn’t install any lightning rods which made the ship prone to a fire.

When Starbuck debated as to whether or not he should kill Ahab I had to read it over because I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t imagine him even thinking that far but then again he has more common sense than most of the men there. Stubb and Flask thought that the man proposed danger with his plans and Starbuck thought the same way in the moment. However after he thought it through I am glad that he didn’t kill the man. MOBY DICKRRJ TYPED FORMATCAROLINE SIPPERSECOND ENTRY Summary- Entry No.10 Page 424 – Page 469-  This entry depicts Ahab on deck.

He realizes that the previous storm threw off the compasses. He pronounces himself “lord over the level loadstone yet” by making his own needle. This gives Ahab pride. He measures the ship’s speed with the log and line, but the line breaks due to heat and moisture. He demands that Pip helps him, but Pip gives him a strange answer. To everyone’s surprise, Ahab loves Pip’s craziness and rewards him with his cabin because the boy touches his heart. Pip became a son-like figure to him.

The Pequod reaches the equatorial fishing ground and the sailors claim to hear the voices of mermaids or ghost wails, however the Manxman believes that it is the many voices of drowned men. Ahab thinks that they are all crazy. A crew member falls from a masthead the next morning and drowns. The life buoy falls in with him and sinks.

The men decide to replace the life buoy with Queequeg’s coffin. The carpenter complains about transforming the coffin into a buoy, Ahab is annoyed and calls the man heartless. Pip and Ahab have a discussion about the situation and become close friends. The Pequod confronts a ship called the Rachel.

Captain Gardiner is introduced, he is the captain of the Rachel claims that he has seen Moby Dick. He climbs aboard the Pequod begs Ahab and his to help him find his son who is missing in action. Ahab rejects him because his number one priority is the find Moby Dick and get revenge.

He believes that looking for Captain Gardiner’s son is a waste of his time. After hearing the news about Moby Dick, Ahab spends most time on deck. Pip bothers Ahab one night and Ahab demands that returns to the captain’s cabin because the boy provides a distraction. Ahab is watched over by Fedallah and he decides that he should be first to sight the whale. One day, a black hawk steals Ahab’s hat this is considered a bad omen in Ishmael’s book. The Pequod runs into a ship called the Delight. Their experience with Moby Dick was not a delightful one because the man see the ruins of the ship.

Ahab and Starbuck try to relax by telling stories from home. They talk about their wives and children, unfortunately the discussion becomes sad because Ahab includes Moby Dick in it. As everyone hasn’t heard it all before. Starbuck suggests that they give up the quest, Ahab refuses and looks over the rail.

Ahab senses that Moby Dick is near and spots him earning the doubloon. The boats set off to hunt the wicked animal, but Moby Dick targets Ahab first. The whale threatens the Pequod, but Starbuck drives it away in an attempt to threaten the whale back. The whale later comes back and threatens them even more. He destroys Flask and Stubb’s boat and nearly kills the crew. Fedallah drowns and Ahab is nervous because according to the prophecy Ahab will die after him.

The Pequod seeks Moby Dick for the third and final time. Ahab attacks the whale as it smashes into the Pequod. Ahab dies after being caught around the neck by a flying line. The Pequod falls and its vortex causes everything else to be pulled down with it. Ishmael is the sole survivor.

He sees Queequeg’s coffin uses it as a life buoy and a day after the tragedy, the Rachel rescues Ishmael.Response- Entry No.10 Page 424 – Page 469- I can feel the excitement as the Pequod voyages closer to Moby Dick. The whale must be immortal because of the damage it has caused on many. After the crew sees the destruction the whale created on the ship called Delight, I could feel the crews sadness and fear. I understand why Starbuck wants to give up the search because if I saw what they saw then I would quit too.

The action intensified once the Pequod encountered Moby Dick. Moby Dick inflicted destruction upon the men and the ship. Fedallah made a prophecy that Ahab would die after him and he was right. I am heartbroken for Ahab, he wanted revenge but Moby Dick killed him for good this time.

I wish that Ahab would have won the fight, but not all endings are happy for some. Then again, remember what I said in entry 8 that it foreshadows the fact that people learn lessons at the end? Well, everyone learned their lesson at the ending because mortality can never compete with immortality even though mortals think that they can win. The case of Dr. Faustus is a fine example of this because he was a successful man who wanted knowledge more than anything and in order to make that possible he sold his soul to the devil for it just like Ahab and how he’d do anything to find Moby Dick expect he wouldn’t go that far, or would he? Starbuck suggested that Ahab quit the mission like the devil’s helper, Mephastophilis suggesting that Dr.

Faustus should not pursue his. Both the men tried to challenge their enemies and outsmart them which led them to their unhappy endings resulting in their deaths. This shows that Moby Dick and Dr. Faustus prove that mortality can never compete with immortality because they both lost at the end.  At least Ishmael had a happy ending because the Rachel was kind enough to pick him up and save him. He was the sole survivor and he was lucky enough to live on to tell his story for generations to come.

The crew of  the Pequod cheated death because even though they are gone they will live forever in this incredible story.  I felt that he and Queequeg were reunited once he used his coffin as a life buoy. It felt like they reunited in each others heart; it felt like Queequeg rescued him even though he died.

 I hope that Moby Dick dies one day. The white whale’s death will make the ocean more peaceful for whalers and for mankind.