MEF A. What is a video game? Video games

MEFUniversityComputerEngineering   SecretHeroes of the Games  MuhammedRahmetullah KartalAtakanErmete?brahimAta Mercan COMP 100Prof. Dr. Muhittin Gökmen    29.

12.2017IstanbulSecret Heroes of the GamesM.R.

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Kartal • I.A. Mercan • A.

Ermete, Computer EngineeringAbstract – These statistics and articles help to get information about the featuresand responsibilities of technical team working on computer games’ creatingstage.                                                                             I.INTRODUCTIONA.      Whatis a video game?Video games are one ofthe most important parts of the bigvirtual world used by all age groups, they were executed by sending image signalsfrom computers and game consoles to monitors and TVs. 1.

1 B.      Whocreated computer games?Video games were designedfor fun and hobbies by Computer Engineers who live in USA, Japan, and Europe in 1971. 1.2 Creatinga computer game is not that easy as people think. In this research, we focusedengineers and artists which create acomputer game.                                                                                                      Graphic1: Preferred platform, frequency of play and preferred game types (Children,Teens)                                     Graphic 2: Preferred platform, frequency ofplay and preferred game types (Adults)    II. TEAM STRUCTUREUnlike other games, TheWitcher 3, which received the best game project award of the year 2015, hastaken its place in the game world with a wide open-world, advanced graphics, and high-level story design.

This game made bya team. Let’s look this team closely.C.     Animation Programmer& AnimatorAnimationProgrammer should be responsible for extending and maintaining the code ofanimation technology, tools and,pipelines. An animator works onanimation’s itself. a)      Required Skills & Experience  •      Excellent MotionBuilder or Maya knowledge. •      Excellentknowledge of C++.

•      Strong 3D mathbackground. •      Knowledge ofgame engine architecture and algorithms. •      Familiarity withthe Visual Studio environment. 2.1 D.     Audio DesignerAudio Programmeris responsible for all sound effects and their development in a video game.Theyhelp you to understand the game better. a)      Required Skills & Experience •      Game audioproduction credits on multiple major shipped titles in a Sound Design role.

•      Experience withgame audio, DSP, Processing Geometry, asset pipelines or designing tools. 3.4 E.      Character, Weapon, Vehicle, ConceptArtistArtists createthe whole architecture of vehicles, characters, weapons and the physics of driving/flying in those vehicles. a)      Required Skills & Experience •      Deep knowledgeof C++. 2.3•      Expert knowledgeof any leading 3D package.

2.3•       Software:Zbrush, Maya, Photoshop, Substance Painter (or similar programs). 2.

3•      Eye for light,shade, colour, and detail in creating painted texture maps. 3.3  F.

       Combat DesignerCombat Designers take ownership of deliveringmemorable combat encounters, that thrill and excite gamers. a)      Required Skills & Experience•      Knowledge andexperience working with next-generation 3D level editors (CryEngine, Unrealetc. or internally developed editors). •      Knowledge andexperience working with text-basedscripting languages (Lua, C# etc.) or Visual Scripting. •      (Flowgraph,Kismet, Blueprints etc.

) to script level flow/logic. 2.8 G.       C#, DevOps,Software EngineersThey should be responsible for supportingmaintenance and development of in-house build system. Support code compilationand integration, improving builds performance and creating new features for CIsystems.a)       RequiredSkills & Experience•      Strong debuggingskills. 3.

2•      Advancedunderstanding C/C++. 3.2•      Practicalexperience with software development best practices (version control, testing,deployment etc.). 2.4                 H.

      EngineProgrammerEngineProgrammer should be responsible for designing, optimizing and maintainingparts of the game engine for PC and gameconsoles. a)       RequiredSkills & Experience •      Excellentknowledge of C++. •      At least one AAAtitle shipped on different platforms.

•      Experience withRPGs genre will be very welcome. •      Experience inworking on various platforms (including at least 2 of following: PC, X360, and PS3). 2.10 ?.       Graphic Designer The graphic designer responsible forcreating the amazing art that becomes the signature that they use their creative talents.

 They are also sometimes responsible for, illustration, user interfaces, and web design.a)       RequiredSkills & Experience  •      Photoshopmastery. Know your tools inside out and use them creatively and effectively. Bemore than familiar with retouch and restoration techniques.

•      Have the skillto transform old and worn into new and pretty. Have the talent to design thatwhich is beautiful and functional. 2.9 J.       Graphics ProgrammerGraphics Programmercreates an engaging game mechanics.Understands thecodes used in the game design and writesappropriate game mechanics to them. a)       RequiredSkills & Experience•      Understanding programming/scriptingin game design.

•      They need tocommunicate well with other computers as well as with their own computers. K.      GameplayDesigner Gameplay designer must offer gamers a good gameplayexperience. They must be open to newideas or advice and they need to givefeedback for help to grow.a)       RequiredSkills & Experience•      Experience withnarrative, multiplayer and/or shooters. •      Understandingprogramming/scripting in game design. 2.11 L.

       IllustratorIllustrator focuses on creating illustrations forcompany’s games. Illustration means detailed drawings.a)       RequiredSkills & Experience•      Excellent drawingand storytelling skills with an eye for perspective, color, lighting, mood, andcomposition.

•      Should know someAdobe Photoshop or Painter, but he/she must improve himself/herself. •      Must knowtraditional art such as figure drawing.•      Needs to be goodon painting. •       Outstanding creativity and a very strong commitmentto a project.

2.13 M.     3D ArtistThe 3D artist brings artworks to the game world and produces funcharacters.

a)       RequiredSkills & Experience •      Solid modeling and texturing skills in a diversevisual range of characters and creatures. •      Strongunderstanding of human as well as animal form and anatomy. •      Strong skills inorganic and hard-surface modeling. •      Outstandingcreativity and a strong commitment to theproject. •      Software:Zbrush, Maya, Photoshop, Substance Painter (or similar). •      Efficiency inself-managing time with a high degree of accountability and minimalinstruction.

2.14    N.     Level DesignerThe Level Designer manages the levels of the game. It makes level determinationsaccording to the course of the game and determines the difficulty levelsaccordingly. a)       RequiredSkills & Experience •       3-5years of Professional experience in the design system to build levels in 3D space, andhow to incorporate game-play demands into their designs. 3.5•       Skillfor creating map layouts on all stages – from drawings to fully functionallevels in at least one of the existing game engines.

2.15•       Skillfor using all elements of the game world, texturing, lighting, sound and VFX tocraft unique player experiences. 2.15  O.      Multiplayer GameplayDesigner/ProgrammerMultiplayer Gameplay Designer/Programmer should design multi-playergames. Broad masses must be able to reach it. Also, sometimes they must improvethese games.

a)       RequiredSkills & Experience•      Knowledge of game engine architectureand basic understanding of commonmultiplayer concepts. 2.16•       Good knowledge of C/C++ and Visual Studio. 2.17 P.       Motion Designer/Animator2DMotion Designer /Animator 2D prepares quality game videos and game promotions. They makeinteresting videos about the game’s story.

 a)       RequiredSkills & Experience •      Solid experience withAfter Effects, Cinema 4D, etc. •      Creative mind. •      Cinematic storytellingskills.

2.18 Q.     Quest & Open World DesignerOpen World Designercreates a big world of events and people. Open world improves story quality.

Quest Designer isresponsible for designing, planning and implementing story-driven quests. Quests quality improves story quality.   a)      Required Skills & Experience •      He/she must be a creativeperson and his/her fluency sense must be excellent. •      Strong critical andanalytical thinking. 2.

20 R.      UI ProgrammerUI Programmer should present great attention todetail, a proactive attitude towards creating optimal and bug-free code solutions. a)      Required Skills & Experience •      Bachelor’s degree incomputer science, information systems, mathematics or related field. •      Deep knowledge of C++.•      Knowledge of basic gameengine architecture and algorithms.

2.21 S.      Tech & Tool ProgrammerTech Programmer should beresponsible for working on and defining technologies required to accomplish.

Tool Programmer helpsidentify bottlenecks in-game workflowthat will grant high improvements in the efficiency of the entire team.  a)      Required Skills & Experience •      Deep knowledge of C#.2.

22•      Familiarity with the console and computer features, and API’s. 2.22•      Strong optimizationskills. 2.23•      Computer Science/SoftwareEngineering degree or equivalent work experience. 2.23 T.

      VFX ArtistVFX Artist has broad experience in real-time visual effects anddemonstrates an interest in emergingtrends in this field. As a VFX Artist isresponsible for creating prominent visual effects in a timely and professionalmanner. a)      Required Skills Experience •      Creating a wide varietyof game-ready visual effects.•      Experience in Photoshopor similar 2D software.•      Good general knowledge ofMaya (or 3ds Max).•      SideFX Houdini knowledgeis a big plus. 2.

23 U.     Environment ArtistEnvironment Artist normally spends their days blocking out modules and levels, creating first materials and getting a couple of levels in aplayable state to create a first playable demo to see if all gameplay elementswork together.a-)Required Skills & Experience•      At least 2years’ experience in working in the gamesindustry on at least one AAA title.•      Basic knowledgeof physically based rendering (PBR).•      Excellent skillsin one of the leading modeling packages(3DS Max, Maya, etc.) and Photoshop.   2.

24 V.      Gameplay AnimatorGameplayanimator should be responsible for character and creature animation as well asfor animations of other in-game objects. Gameplay animators in-game work very closely with gameplaydesigners and programmers. a)      RequiredSkills & Experiences •       Creating high-qualityanimation assets with low turnover time.

•       Understanding of animation pipeline and theprocesses involved from the conceptual phase to implementation. 2.25 III. CONCLUSIONThere aremany children in some countries who are interested in video games at a young age, but this young generation does not have enough information about videogames, so they think that creating video gamesis easy. There are a lot of engineers, designers, and experts who work in creating games.

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