Media can clearly see the part from the film

Media analysis : Character analysis from Gone Girl 2014
Amy Elliot


Gone girl is
2014 psychological thriller film. Based on 2012 same title novel by Gillian
Flynn directed by David Fincher. Ben Affleck, Neil Patrick Harris, Rosamund
Pike and Tyler Perry stared in film.

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Story begins
after Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) wife suddenly disappearance, makes him prime
suspect of his wife, Amy (Rosamund Pike). 
In this essay I will analysis Amy’s character, her devious revenge
otherwise it is a heroine character for girl who pretends to be male’s ideal
type, lying to yourself but trying to be who you’re.


Amy Elliott
(Rosamund Pike) she is leading character of the film. She’s smart, has a great
personality, number one stunner. Also, she was the inspiration for the popular
fictional children’s book series Amazing Amy. 
But people didn’t know who she really until she make her disappearance.

She is a <>, a master manipulator, like mind games,
always get her way – no matter what. In the film she for revenge doing
everything for make her plan come true, even in blood. There is a few part in the film include (Amazing Amy,
Cool girl Amy, Avenging Amy), supports Amy’s character shows who they truly are
through the story Amy’s avenge.

Amazing Amy

She is a
real-life beloved fictional character. That character inspired from herself but
when she became a grown woman she can’t take of the Amazing Amy from her, chasing
after perfectionist in a every little part. We can clearly see the part from
the film as she planning her disappearance. Amazing Amy also describe her
psychotic mind.

“Cool Girl”

Amy: “Nick
didn’t love me, she loves a girl who doesn’t exist.” Amy wants to get revenge
from her beloved husband, when she know that he having a affair even pushes her
to frame Nick for her disappearance. We can see they lost interest in each
other when they move back Missori, life changed. Nick became lazy, changed to a
guy Amy doesn’t want to marry. Amy trying to let herself fit in the guys ideal
type it called “Cool Girl”. She know Nick wants Cool girl when they first met.

What is Cool Girl?

Amy: Cool girl… man always
use that, don’t they …

She’s not real,
this is a imagination of a men. Amy describes Cool girl Hot, Sexy woman, super
intelligent, doesn’t mind doing guys stuff, drinking beer, watching sport, and
remind size 2, eating fast food and fart. Amy pretends cool girl for name of
winning Nick. When time passes things are changed Amy changes herself to cool
girl make Nick became a cool guy, but they can’t escape who they truly are.

Avenging Amy

Amy want people
to give her whatever she wants – if you try to wronging her or control her, the
Law of Amy states that you must pay (in blood ).

Nick having an
affair pushes Amy to frame him for murder. After they move back to Missouri Amy
realize herself playing a character of Cool Girl, she likes the some part of
being a cool girl but she can’t keep it longer after she pushes Nick so far,
changed him to a Cool guy and saw he’s interest in a new cool girl. She start
planning to frame Nick, making a local idiot (neighbors, and pregnant woman,
later she use her pregnant friends pee to make her fake pregnancy) also slowly
setting money aside, writing a diary that goes back to before she and Nick got
married and tells a convincing story of Nick coming unhinged with her instead
with her (instead of the other way around). In the end she planned to kill
herself for her perfect avenge. All those years who she actually is isn’t what
she is, she might look like a good girl, but her inside is ooze hatred.


For her own right she killed her ex
boyfriend, and back to Nick after make him give up on Amy. Teach him where he
have to be. Chained him to her side forever. For some, it is evil character otherwise
despised Amazing Amy emerges as an unlikely heroine of sorts; flying the flag
for women who refuse to succumb to the pressure to morph into the male’s ideal.