MECHANICAL to the serial communication. The serial data transfer

MECHANICALSPECIFICATIONFor mechanical specifications, we have to studyabout two types of connectors that is DB-25and DB-9.

In DB-25 ,there are 25pins available which are used for many of the applications, but some of theapplications didn’t use the whole 25 pins. So, the 9 pin connector is made forthe convenience of the devices and equipments.Now, here we are discussing about the DB-9 pin connector which is used forconnection between micro controllers and connector. These are of two types: Male Connector (DTE) & Female Connector (DCE).

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There are 5 pins on the top row and 4 pins in thebottom row. It is often called DE-9 orD-type connector.  PINSTRUCTURE The pin structure of DB-9 can be described as:                     MALE CONNECTOR                                         FEMALE CONNECTOR PINDESCRIPTIONIn DB-9 connector, there are 5 inputs, 3 outputs and1 ground pins. Now, let us talk about the male connector.

MALECONNECTOR: In this connection, the top rows andbottom rows arrangements can be given as:-PIN 1: (CD) CARRER DETECT: It is an input signal that detects the data andsend the signal that it is ready to transmit or receive.PIN 2: (RXD) RECEIVE DATA: It is an output signal that receives the data bythe receiver.PIN 3: (TXD) TRANSMIT DATA: It is an input signal that receives the signalto transmit the data.PIN 4: (DTR) DATA TERMINAL READY: It is an input signal and a positive voltage isapplied to DTR that a data is being ready to transmit.PIN 5: (GND) GROUND: It refers a path to the serialcommunication. The serial data transfer not possible without signal ground. Itis a common reference voltage. PIN 6: (DSR) DATA SET READY: It is an output signal that the data set isready to communicate.

It is a handshaking signal.PIN 7: (RTS) REQUEST TO SEND: It is an input signal that request to send thedata for communication.PIN 8: (CTS) CLEAR TOSEND: It is an output signal whichclears