”Me are many different things between the book and

 ”Me before you” is a romantic drama film and novel.

The movie was released on June 23, 2016, directed by Thea Sharrock as for the book it was written by Jojo Moyes. There are many different things between the book and the movie. There are some things that happened in the book and not in the movie, and I would like to share the differences with you. The plot is about a girl, Louisa Clark and her family that struggle with money problems and their living condition. Louisa worked for years at a local café. When the café decided to shut down, Louisa is forced to go after a caregiver job quadriplegic, Will Traynor. The accident caused Will to have a negative outlook on life, but Louisa is there to help him with her cheerful attitude.  As time goes by Will’s outlook on life changes when Louisa showed him that life is worth living and they start to grow feelings for one another, but an important decision is to be made.

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 The book has many important short scenes that the movie doesn’t feature. These scenes include when Will encourages Louisa to get a tattoo. In the book, Louisa moves into the castle with the Traynors but in the film, she stays connected to her family. In the book, Will had a sister that doesn’t want Will’s tragedy to affect her life, but in the movie, he doesn’t. We didn’t even get a glimpse of her. In the book, Will planned to get help with his suicide from Dignitas which is an organization in Switzerland that helps people with severe illnesses die with dignity through assisted suicide.

In the book, we get a stronger sense of Will’s anger about his quadriplegia. While in the movie we know that he’s miserable. In the book, the café owner, Frank, tell Louisa why she is losing her job but in the movie he just gave her an envelope and said he’s sorry.

Reading the book, I hated how selfish Treena (Louisa’s sister) is, but in the movie, she’s not selfish instead she’s really supportive and she has a strong bond with her sister.