Massachusetts semesters system in this university. One is fall

MassachusettsInstitute of Technology (MIT), is one of the most renowned university in theworld. MIT is the first ranking university in USA. There are many highlyqualified and well educated universities in the world, MIT is one of them. Thetop rated universities list in the world, the position of this university isalso first.MIT, is basicallya private research university which situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

It isfounded in the year of 1861.The mission of the Massachusetts Institute ofTechnology is to advance data and educate students in science, technology, anddifferent areas of scholarship that may best serve the state and also the worldwithin the 21stcentury. The motto of the university is “Mind andHand”. The University Chancellor Name is Cynthia Barnhart, President Name is L.Rafael Reef, and Provost Name is Martin A. Schmidt. In this university,there are 5 categories schools.

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They are schools of architecture and planning,schools of engineering, schools of humanities, arts, and social sciences,schools of management and schools of science. The area of the university is 168acres. The number of academic staffs are 1021. 11,319 students are studied inthis university on different subjects. Total undergraduates students are 4512and postgraduate’s students are 6807.

The campus building, academic buildingand others bundling color is cardinal red and silver gray.There are two semesters system in this university. One isfall which start in August and end in December. Other is spring which start inJanuary and end in May. There are undergraduates, graduates, Ph.D., researchprograms in the university.

The undergraduate’s program time is four years.Every year many students get admission in this university. It is also a creditsystem university.

Graduates program time is 2 years. Ph.D. and researchprogram time is 3 years.

Since it is a research type university so that most ofthe students come here to complete their graduate’s degree and Ph.D. degree.Theteachers are well educated and highly qualified and most of the teachers areprofessor and Ph.D. holder. They are also friendly and well mannered.

There is also a big library in the university. The librarysection is divided into 5 parts. They are Barker, which is for Engineeringstudents, Dewey, which is for Economics students, Hayden, which is forhumanities and science students, Lewis, which is for music students and Rotch,which is for Arts and Architecture students.

There are many books, journals, databases,renowned novel, literatures, old books, reference books, and so on. Also thereis big museum which is situated in the year of 1971. There are many oldreference books, journals, old literatures collection in the museum.It is a research type university so that it is famous forPh.D. degree.

Every year new research program are added in the university.Students come from different region and different country to get a higheducation and a well-qualified degree. This university is also provides scholarshipfor merit students. They also gives part time job facilities for the students.This facilities is very much helpful for a student.

The environment of the university is so much pleasant. Thereis no rush in the campus. Everyone is enjoy the campus life. The relationshipbetween the teachers and the students are friendly. Every students are helpfuland very much cordially to others. There are many celebrities to get theirdegree in this universities.

Like as: Buzz Aldrin (1963, Sub: Aero ), Kofi Anan (1972, Sub: Management), Virgilio Barco Vargas (1943, Sub:Civil Engineering, President of Colombia), Ben Bernanke (1979, Sub: Economics,Ph.D. Former Federal Reserve Bank Chairman), Richard Feynman (1939: Sub:Physics, Physicist Nobel Laureate), Paul Krugman (1977, Sub: Economics, Ph.

D.Economics Nobel Laureate), Katherine Dexter McCormick (1904, Sub: Biology), RonaldMcNair (1976, Sub: Physics Ph.D.), Benjamin Netanyahu (1975, Sub: Architecture,Prime Minister of Israel), I. M. Pei (1940, Sub: Architecture), Alfred P.

Sloan(1895, Sub : Electric and Electronics Engineering), Tom Schulz (1970, Sub:Mechanical Engineering).Life at the Institute is quite simply categories andschoolwork — community members pride themselves on their info andextracurricular add the humanities, athletics and a lot of. Whether or not it’sparticipating in a very living cluster, enjoying on one among NCAA Division IIIsports groups or taking time to be told new dance moves, Institute life has noboundaries. Every department are interconnected to others departmentsthroughout MIT. Also there is physical education program, various kinds ofathletics program and recreation program.MIT is one of the best university in the world. Everystudents dream to be a student of MIT. The Gringo says: “Getting an educationat MIT is like taking a drink from a fire hose”.

Nothing is impossible in the world. If we work hard and bedetermined, we will reach our goal.