Martin tried doing everything he could to stop the

Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia.He is the middle child of Martin Luther King Sr. and Alberta Williams King.

He joined a Public School at the age of 5 and then started college at the age of 15 where he studied 2 things medicine and law. Even though he did not want to do what his father said of joining the ministry, he had a new idea because of the Morehouse President. Martin Luther King Jr. graduated in 1948 a few years later he was elected president in a white senior class. In 1956 he was elected president of the Southern Christian leadership conference. He accomplished many things during his lifetime One was being baptist minister and social activist who led the Civil Rights.

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Before the Civil Rights Movement many black people were judged because of their skin color there was a lot of things that white people accomplished before that black were not. They would do everything possible because they knew it was not equal, Martin Luther King Jr. tried doing everything he could to stop the inequality and so did everyone else.

   One thing that white people had that black people didn’t was the right to go to any restroom. Black people had their proper restroom which caused no white people to meet at that point people wanted everyone to share and not only have something for white people or vice versa they all just wanted to live in a world where it didn’t matter what skin color you were or anything was they just wanted to be in a place were all arguments would stop no matter what happened because before when there wasn’t equality there be a lot of wars like the Civil War movement were they fought for  the equality of everyone and while they were separated black people’s voice was not heard because if an election was running they would just choose was the white people want until the first black president got elected.   Another problem was only being able to sit in selected seats and not the ones you wanted to for example Rosa Parks wanted to stop inequality by sitting at front and refusing to get up because she knew she could stop inequality because everyone suffered so it wasn’t only Rosa Parks. Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the black people that was discriminated because of their skin color, But he is a very good person because they cared about the other people and didn’t think for himself he also had kids that would be discriminated and he wished that they wouldnt and they would be in a world where your skin color didn’t matter.   After the Civil Rights Movement everything changed completely no one was discriminated by their skin color and everyone got to use the same restroom which means that everyone gets to do whatever they want and their skin color doesn’t really matter we should all take a moment to thank Martin Luther King Jr.

and Rosa Parks because they actually made a change in our life and life of others because they didn’t think only in themselves they thought about the people around them that was suffering and going through the inequality, but now we don’t have anything for a specific skin color now we just sit anywhere we want and not get judged and black people have the right to vote and Martin Luther King Jr. speech became a wish come true for people that are skin colored but it seems like everyone gets along very well and it should all have been equality and not racism at all because that’s the right thing to do.      Martin Luther King died on April 28,1968 he was a very important per son in our life he made changes that changed our world like stopping racism because without his help and love for others none of this would have possible so we all should try and make good changes like he did and he would always stay in our hearts no matter what and we need to thank Rosa Parks as well because she is a strong women that suffered but still helped our community and that what we should take a moment to thank without these people we would have racism and a lot of wars because of people discriminating others because of their skin color and that is not the correct thing to do because we would not want that if we were skinned color so we need to have an equal life and equal rights.On January 15 we need to thank Martin Luther King Jr. for all the changes that he made in our lives and we still recognize his help me was shot because some white people did not like him they thought that white people would always get all the the equality  but that’s no longer true now we all the same amount of rights no matter what skin tone you are