Margaret indented traces of patriarchy. The Oxford Dictionary defines

Margaret Atwood’s
novel, “The Handmaid’s Tale” contains the attributes of a feminist novel
that empowers the female society through its complex society.  Despite various perspectives, others do not
condone to this idea.

            The novel tackles the idea of feminism, and what it
stands for.  It presents unique and
intricate views of the already challenging term: feminism.  According to online forums, “Feminism is not the belief that one gender
should be raised in power above another. The very definition of feminism shows
a complete opposition to this belief.”(Huffington Post) Many generations that came before modern society left their
indented traces of patriarchy. The Oxford Dictionary defines patriarchy as “A system of society or government in which
men hold the power and women are largely excluded from it.”  Those whom are afraid of change speak against
feminism.  The idea that equality might one
day overcome, meaning that no gender has no control over the other is the fear
that lingers through their patriarchal minds. Those people see threats in introducing
equality. They are afraid of being stripped for their patriarchal claims of
power in a society that aims to progress in accepting everyone as a human
being. Not only that, they are frightened by the fact that they will not be
deemed relevant, and the importance of their male gender is essentially
powerless.  In all honesty, why should a
group of people have control over another? Ideals introduced in the past
batches have inclined themselves towards our present concepts.  To this day, children are being injected with
the formula that gender roles are set in stone.   Girls are forced upon child care, and
kitchen duties, while boys are infused with building, and fighting. This is a
repulsive concept suggested to children at early age. Their young minds should
not be filled with limitations for the future.

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regards to gender, society needs to stop referencing to people whom acquire a
level of power over others for the sole the reason that they were born with ‘preferred’
genitals. Rape culture has emerged from the idea that a person can be
controlled.  Power over another person is revolting, and is not
needed. Gender or race shall not be a reason to naming one group inferior to
another as it segregates civilization. We are essentially restricting the
progress of technological and medical advances by withholding their upbringing
against them, as well as disrespecting their existence.